National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue has asked for stepping up the vaccine strategy with a specific roadmap and measures to achieve herd immunity, thus laying an important foundation to catch up with the global economy.

National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue at the event (Photo:DUY LINH)

 Chairing a working session with permanent members of the NA Committee on Social Affairs and several NA organs in Hanoi on June 13, NA Chairman Hue urged the Government to review the efficiency of support packages for laid-off workers and those hit by COVID-19 pandemic to report to the NA in the next meeting.

He reiterated the Politburo’s stance on continuing to realise the dual goals of fighting the pandemic and ensuring macro-economic stability and the safety of finance-banking and public debts.
The leader suggested continuing with the 5K+technology message, considering vaccination a strategy; and enhancing international cooperation in seeking vaccine supplies.

In order to effectively perform socio-economic development policies and provide support for those hit by the pandemic, NA Chairman Hue asked the Government to soon issue a growth scenario, accelerate the disbursement of public investment, continue improving business environment, developing private and digital economy, and stimulating domestic demand while boosting collaboration to effectively direct fiscal-monetary policy, and soon bring the Resolution adopted by the 13th National Party Congress into life.

Lawmakers reported that the NA and its Standing Committee issued nine resolutions and documents to ease difficulties amid the pandemic.

As a result, payment of VND 99.2 trillion (US$ 4.3 billion) worth of added value tax, corporate and individual income tax, land lease for 57,000 business households and 128,600 firms has been extended, along with VND 19.3 trillion in special consumption tax for automobiles last year.

Source: NDO/VNA

The Vietnamese economy will be the fastest growing in Southeast Asia this year at 6.7 percent driven by a manufacturing recovery and boom in trade.

The regional average will be 4.4 percent, a report released in May by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecast.

Vietnam’s GDP growth is expected to top 7 percent next year, also the highest in the region, which would average 5.1 percent.

Vietnam’s GDP is set to expand 6.5% in 2021, higher than the global average of 6%, and then rebound to 7.2% next year, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest World Economic Outlook report. Such growth would put Vietnam as the second fastest growing economy among five major economies of ASEAN (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia) along with Malaysia, and behind the Philippines at 6.9%, revealed the report.

“Vietnam’s economic fundamentals remain robust. The country has been one of the world’s best-performing economies during the pandemic; that said, we are closely watching the domestic COVID-19 situation,” said Tim Leelahaphan, economist for Thailand and Vietnam, Standard Chartered, in the bank’s recent Global Research report entitled “Vietnam – Strong performance continues this year”.

In forecasts published in April – when the 4th wave had not yet occurred in Vietnam, Oxford Economics, IMF, World Bank, HSBC are of the opinion that Vietnam’s economy would grow at 6.4%-6.6 %, this level is lower than previous forecasts at the end of 2020, Fitch Solutions only forecast at 7%.

Among international organizations, S&P Global Ratings gives the most optimistic forecast about Vietnam’s economic growth this year. In October last year, S&P expected Vietnam’s GDP growth to reach 11.2%. At the latest forecast on May 21 – when a new wave of COVID-19 occurred in Vietnam, this organization adjusted its forecast for Vietnam’s GDP growth in 2021 to 8.5%. However, this forecast is quite high compared to other organizations.


As a result, the Corporation’s profit in May reached 101% of the monthly plan, the accumulated 5 months achieved 69% of the annual plan and the profit doubled compared to the same period in 2020.

The results of recognizing the profit in May 2021 of the whole Corporation and the accumulated profit of the first 5 months of 2021 (unit: billion VND)

Sticking to specific orientations and goals throughout the implementation process, with the drastic direction and management of the Corporation’s leaders, the solidarity, attachment and high determination of the leadership team, As a result, the Corporation has completed the targets of the production and business plan in May and the first 5 months of 2021.

May recorded the return of the 4th Covid-19 epidemic with a great impact on businesses and people’s lives, especially a great disturbance in Industrial Parks, including Yen Phong and Tien Son industrial parks in Bac Ninh.

Calm before handling situations, Viglacera actively cooperated with Bac Ninh Province’s Steering Committee for Epidemic Prevention and Control, jointly supporting activities such as making the worker’s housing area in Yen Phong a place to isolate medical workers. In fact, Viglacera has donated 1 billion VND to frontline doctors, and also contributed 5 billion VND to the Vaccine fund. Currently, activities in Viglacera’s IPs still maintain assurance and compliance with epidemic prevention measures.

For the building materials segment, Viglacera’s production plants are currently being strictly followed by epidemic prevention measures, ensuring stable production and business activities. Commercial business activities still receive cooperation from the entire customer system nationwide, besides, Viglacera’s e-commerce sales on are being maximized.

In addition to the general difficulties of the whole society, Viglacera still found solid directions, maintained and strongly developed production and business activities in both the fields of Real Estate, Industrial Parks and Building Materials. The results of May will be the driving force behind the Corporation’s plans for June and the first 6 months of 2021.

On the evening of April 27, 2021, Viglacera Corporation – JSC was honored to receive the award “Top 10 prestigious Industrial Real Estate Company in 2021” – a result based on independent research and evaluation of the joint stock company. Vietnam Report (Vietnam Report).

Possessing more than 20 years of experience, Viglacera is one of the first enterprises to deploy concentrated industrial parks in Vietnam. Up to now, 11 industrial parks have been put into operation, including 10 industrial parks in Vietnam and one industrial park in Cuba, with a total scale of more than 4,000 hectares, attracting more than 300 investors around the world, including many Prestigious brands such as: Samsung, Orion, Canon, Foxconn, Hyosung, Qisda, Toyoda Gosei… The places Viglacera goes to always become a reliable destination for investors, and make important contributions to the local socio-economic development.

Mr. Nguyen The Chinh – Director of Real Estate Department representing Viglacera Corporation – JSC received the award

On March 19, 2021, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) officially announced the Top 10 Reputable Real Estate Companies in 2021.

Top 10 reputable companies in the real estate industry are evaluated and ranked based on 3 main criteria: (1) Financial capacity shown in the latest year’s financial statements; (2) Media credibility is assessed by Media Coding method – encoding articles about the company on influential media channels; (3) Survey of stakeholders to be conducted in February and March 2021.

On the morning of April 27, Viglacera (HoSE: VGC) successfully organized the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The meeting evaluated the business performance in 2020 and the plan for 2021; approving the 2021-2025 5-year plan; Electing additional and replacing members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

Overview of the 2021 General Meeting of Shareholders of Viglacera Corporation – JSC

2020 is a year of crisis for the whole economy due to the impact of the global Covid pandemic, in that difficult time, Viglacera Corporation has steadily overcome and demonstrated its intrinsic strength with the results noteworthy. Profit of the whole corporation reached 841 billion dong, up 12% of the plan, of which the parent company profit was 736 billion dong, up 23% of the plan. Consolidated revenue of the Corporation reached 9,433 billion VND, exceeding 14% of the plan, other expenditures also basically followed the plan assigned by the General Meeting of Shareholders. In 2020, Viglacera will pay 11% dividend.

In 2021, the plan is to make a profit of 1,000 billion VND, promoting the industrial park’s real estate development

At the meeting, shareholders unanimously approved the business plan for 2021 with pre-tax profit of the parent company and consolidated at VND 750 billion and 1,000 billion, 2% and 19% higher than 2020. total consolidated revenue is 12,000 billion, up 27% compared to 2020. The company plans to submit to shareholders 2021 dividend at the rate of 12%. Viglacera will continue to invest in two main areas: Real Estate and Building Materials.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Deputy General Director of the Corporation presents the report of the Board of Management at the meetin

With the real estate segment, the Corporation continues to invest synchronously in infrastructure in industrial parks, enhance land fund development, synchronously develop infrastructure, utilities and develop ancillary services and branding Viglacera industrial parks, making full use of the land fund. Viglacera also aims to select customers who are friendly investors and manufacturers for sustainable development. In addition, the Corporation will continue to develop social housing, worker housing, commercial housing projects and resort resorts.

In the building materials sector, Viglacera invests in depth, enhances management technology, aims at high quality products, aesthetics, added value of products and environmental friendliness. Developing new product sets, in accordance with customer trends and tastes, updating new advanced technologies into production. For inefficient units in the group of baked clay bricks, the Corporation will actively divest capital

Mr. Tran Ngoc Anh – Deputy General Director of Corporation, Member of the Board of Directors of Corporation presents the Report of the Board of Directors at the Meeting

In 2021, Viglacera will continue to strongly implement the restructuring of governance from the parent company to its subsidiaries to proactively overcome difficulties and challenges, improve production and business efficiency.

Plan to grow 13% profit / year in the next 5 years

In the period of 2021-2025, Viglacera aims to build into a strong economic group in both construction materials and real estate investment, maintaining Viglacera as a strong national brand and into International level.

Mrs. Pham Ngoc Bich – Head of the Supervisory Board of the Corporation presents the Report of the Supervisory Board at the meeting

The consolidated pre-tax profit of Viglacera aims to grow 13% / year and only 9% / year for the parent company. Consolidated revenue is expected to increase by 11% / year on average, and 10% for the parent company alone. At the same time, the company aims to have a total export value of 240 million USD, an increase of 1.7 times compared to the period 2016-2020.

To implementation of the above plan, Viglacera will continue to invest in the next 5 years with a total value of 20,300 billion VND with the whole Corporation, in which the parent company is 13,300 billion VND.

The Corporation also plans to let the State shareholders withdraw all their shares, at the same time continue to sell their contributed capital in inefficient member companies, increase the charter capital of the Corporation to a number of units to invest in production and business development according to the development strategy. The Corporation also established new limited liability companies to manage the Corporation’s capital in each group of fields of production and business activities, and joint stock companies to implement new projects.

Elect to replace members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan – Chairman of the Board of Directors presents flowers and acknowledges contributions of Mr. Luyen Cong Minh and Mrs. Pham Ngoc Bich in recent years

Regarding human resources, Viglacera’s General Meeting of Shareholders approved Mr. Luyen Cong Minh’s resignation from the Board of Directors and resigned from the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors according to personal expectation; Approve the resignation of Mrs. Pham Ngoc Bich, quit the Supervisory Board and resign from the position of Head of Supervisory Board of the Corporation to accept other duties.

The meeting elected Mr. Nguyen Trong Hien to be an independent member of the Board of Directors and Mr. Tran Manh Huu in the Supervisory Board.

The new Board of Directors for the term of 2019 -2024 was launched

The state may divest all Viglacera capital by 2022

Mr. Dau Minh Thanh – Director General of Enterprise Management Department, Ministry of Construction made a speech at the meeting

Mr. Dau Minh Thanh – Director General of Enterprise Management Department, Ministry of Construction said that VGC is the leading enterprise that the Ministry is representing the State capital. Although the Ministry of Construction only holds 38% of VGC’s capital, the company’s business activities are always developing stably, paying high dividends. Viglacera is also the only enterprise in the list of the Ministry of Construction to successfully hold the General Meeting of Shareholders on time and is also the only enterprise eligible to be listed on the HoSE.

Regarding the State divestment plan at VGC, the representative of the Ministry of Construction said that if there was no disease of Covid-19, the divestment would be completed in 2020. However, due to the epidemic, this work is slowing down. However, the Prime Minister has basically approved that the State will no longer hold capital at VGC and this divestment may take place in 2022.

The Presidium answered questions during the discussion session at the Meeting

After discussing and answering issues related to Viglacera’s investment plans and capital raising in fields and companies in the coming time, Viglacera’s 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has ended same day morning. The meeting was successful.

On April 25, in Hanoi, the awarding ceremony of the National Quality Award 2019-2020 and the Asia-Pacific International Quality Award took place. Viglacera Corporation – JSC is one of four enterprises awarded the Asia – Pacific International Quality Award. The above honorary award is a recognition and affirmation of Viglacera’s reputation and position as a leading enterprise in the field of building materials production and real estate investment business on the path of regional development, towards the world.

Viglacera Corporation – JSC is the only Vietnamese enterprise to win the World Class Award for the large-scale production.

On the basis of the National Gold Quality Award 2019 – 2020, Viglacera is the only building material manufacturing enterprise nominated by Vietnam to attend the Asia – Pacific International Quality Award 2019 – 2020. Through the rigorous evaluation and scoring process of the APQO Organizing Committee and surpassing hundreds of selected enterprises from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Viglacera was honored in the highest category: World Class Award for large-scale production.

As the only Vietnamese enterprise to have won the World Class award for large-scale production, Viglacera confidently affirms the quality of sanitary ware products, ceramic tiles, and construction glass that are applied “green” technology. The world’s most advanced production technology line is expected to soon become the pride of high-quality Vietnamese products of consumers in the domestic market as well as in fastidious markets such as Japan, the US, and the EU.

To achieve the National Quality Award in 2019 – 2020 and the Asia-Pacific International Quality Award, Viglacera has always strived to successfully complete the targets in 2019 and 2020. For many years, Viglacera has always actively invested in machinery, applied the latest production standards and technologies, built control processes of international standards to monitor product quality, and brought it to market. products of high quality, environmental friendly, meet the needs of domestic and export customers.

In the field of real estate, Viglacera is a leading prestigious investor in the field of industrial park infrastructure and social housing, contributing to the socio-economic development in the localities where the project has been implemented. Viglacera commits to continue to do its best, improve business efficiency, improve production efficiency for future development, create competitive advantages in the market, win the trust of domestic and foreign customers.

Viglacera’s booth at the exhibition attracted the attention of visitors

Not only is a strong brand in the domestic market with a nationwide retail network, Viglacera is also a branded enterprise in many countries around the world. Besides investment, research and application of advanced scientific and technical achievements in production, Viglacera Corporation also expands investment activities and penetrates into ASEAN, Japan, and other markets. The US, EU or invest in industrial parks in Cuba…, are trusted and selected by foreign partners and currently have a large export turnover in the field of construction materials in Vietnam. Currently, Viglacera’s products are being supplied and consumed in more than 40 countries and territories around the world.

Until now, Viglacera brand has been built associated with new products, product quality, environmentally friendly products, bringing maximum convenience to users and especially bearing Vietnamese cultural imprints. The National Quality Award and the Asia-Pacific International Quality Award will be the driving force for Viglacera to continue to create and further develop the Vietnamese brand in the international with the strategy of becoming a multinational corporation in the future.

The National Quality Award has been officially implemented since 1996. Up to now, there have been 2,030 enterprises winning this award. The famous names that won awards in 2019 and 2020 can be mentioned as: TH Dairy Food Joint Stock Company; Tien Phong Plastic Joint Stock Company; Hoa Sen Joint Stock Company; Viet Tri Chemical Joint Stock Company; Nestle Vietnam Co., Ltd; CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company; Viet Duc Steel Production Joint Stock Company; Luong Quoi Coconut Processing Joint Stock Company; Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company; Sao Thai Duong Joint Stock Company; Viglacera Corporation – JSC…

4 enterprises won the Asia-Pacific Quality Award, including: Viglacera Corporation – JSC (Hanoi City); KIZUNA JV Joint Stock Company (Long An Province); Tan A Production and Trading Company Limited (Hanoi City); Center for producing electronic measuring equipment – electricity in Central – branch of Central Power Corporation (Da Nang city).

On 19 April 2021, the Vietnam Government issued Decree 52/2021/ND-CP providing extensions of deadlines for the payment of Value Added Tax (VAT), Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Government Land Rent in 2021. This Decree, which took effect on 19 April 2021, is significant as it provides solutions designed to support businesses and individuals impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and offers an extended schedule and timeframe for tax settlements..

A month since Decree No. 52/2021/ND-CP was issued, a total value taxes and land rental fees extended by the tax sector in May is estimated at VND10,500 billion (including VND6,400 billion of VAT and VND4,100 billion of land rental fees).

Decree 52 stipulates taxpayers subject to extension shall submit the application for the extension for all taxes at the time for submitting tax dossiers. The deadline for the submission of the application is not later than July 30.

Source: VCN

The pandemic hit Viet Nam’s economy hard, but the nation has taken decisive steps to limit both the health and economic fallout, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s latest annual assessment of Viet Nam’s economy.

Swift introduction of containment measures, combined with aggressive contact tracing, targeted testing, and isolation of suspected COVID-19 cases, helped keep recorded infections and death rates notably low on a per capita basis, the IMF highlighted.

Viet Nam entered the pandemic with solid economic fundamentals and policy buffers, although some structural challenges remain to be addressed, the IMF’s annual assessment referred, adding that he country made considerable progress in consolidating public finances prior to COVID-19. The build-up of these fiscal, external, and financial buffers prior to the pandemic made Viet Nam more resilient to the shock.

The IMF suggested macroeconomic policies need to remain supportive in 2021 to ensure a resilient and inclusive recovery and policies should aim at reducing labor informality by improving labor skills and lowering hiring/firing costs for formal workers, and encouraging firm formalization.

A sustained recovery also hinges on safeguarding financial stability, the annual assessment stressed, adding that continued strong supervision, together with timely efforts to address problem loans and strengthen regulatory and supervisory frameworks, will help address financial system risks.

More decisive reforms are needed to make the most of Viet Nam’s considerable growth potential, the IMF recommended.

Meanwhile, priority should be given to improving the business environment and ensuring a level playing field for small and medium-sized enterprises, with reforms geared towards reducing regulatory burden faced by firms, improving their access to resources, enhancing governance and access to technology and innovation, and reducing skills mismatches..


In February, Viglacera Corporation’s profit reached 227% of the monthly plan and increased 83 billion dong over the same period – figures were recorded at the February 2021 briefing meeting. The parent company still performed well the leading role with the profit of 195% of the plan, the efficiency brought from the Real Estate and VIFG Float Glass group, the other indexes of the whole Corporation basically followed and exceeded the plan. In the first 2 months, the Corporation has achieved and exceeded the plan of Quarter I/2021.

Overview of the meeting

In addition to the data on financial indicators, in the early days of Tan Suu new year, Viglacera continuously received good investment signals when receiving investment licenses for new open industrial park, the interest in creating favorable conditions of local leaders on the investment and development of industrial park to focus on the economic spearhead of the province. Housing for workers projects have also been restarted with a combination of projects under the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

General Director Nguyen Anh Tuan directed at the meeting

At the meeting, General Director Nguyen Anh Tuan directed: the positive results of the first 2 months of the year will be the motivation for the whole corporation to strive to fulfill the business and investment plan of 2021 and 5-year plan 2021-2025.

On the afternoon of February 25, Viglacera Corporation had a meeting with the Provincial Standing Committee of Yen Bai to report on the investment idea of a number of projects in the province.

Attending the meeting, regarding Viglacera Corporation – JSC, there were Mr. Luyen Cong Minh – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors; Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – General Director of Viglacera Corporation with the Deputy General Director, leaders and professional staff of the Real Estate Department. On the side of Yen Bai province, there were comrades: Do Duc Duy – Member of the Central Committee, Provincial Party secretary; Ta Van Long – Provincial Party Politburo Deputy Secretary; Tran Huy Tuan – Provincial Party Deputy Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; comrades in the Provincial Standing Committee Department; related departments, branches and localities.

Comrade Nguyen Anh Tuan, General Director of the Corporation presenting the investment idea of an industrial – urban – service complex project in Yen Bai province.

At the meeting, Viglacera Corporation asked Yen Bai province to approve the Corporation to research and invest in an industrial – urban – service complex at the intersection of IC 12, Noi Bai – Lao Cai expressway with a size of about 496 ha is located in Tran Yen district and Yen Bai city; of which nearly 420 hectares are for industrial park development, and the rest is for about 80 hectares for urban and service development. All 3 locations that the Corporation plans to invest are located on Au Co route in the direction from IC 12 intersection to the center of Yen Bai province.

Viglacera Corporation commits to allocate capital to invest in an industrial – urban – service complex in Yen Bai province to meet the criteria of a modern, synchronous industrial park to attract high-tech investors, electronics, telecommunications …; provide social utility services, use land effectively, contribute to increase budget revenue, ensure efficient and sustainable socio-economic development of Yen Bai province. At the same time, it is committed to strictly and fully implement the obligations of investors in accordance with the current regulations of the State.

The Corporation also proposed Yen Bai province to soon submit to the Prime Minister for approval the general planning of industrial parks of Yen Bai province in the coming period, waste treatment system planning … as the basis for the Corporation to implement the project in the area.

The comrades of the Politburo, the Provincial Standing Committee of Yen Bai province, departments, branches and localities highly appreciated the idea of Viglacera Corporation’s integrated investment. The locations that Viglacera investors choose are all located on Au Co route, the motivation urban axis of Yen Bai province, especially convenient for transportation. After just over 1 month of research, the Corporation had an official meeting with the province to show the seriousness, science and determination of the investor. Relevant departments, branches and localities of the province are all ready to support, accompany and create the most favorable conditions for site clearance work, and support legal procedures for investors to deploy the Project.

Concluding the meeting, Comrade Do Duc Duy Provincial Party Secretary highly appreciated the capacity and experience of Viglacera Corporation in the construction, infrastructure business, management and operation of the above industrial park in nationwide range.

The Provincial Party Secretary said that after approaching, investors have actively researched, proposed ideas and had the first research products. These proposed ideas are completely consistent with the socio-economic development orientation in general and the industrial development orientation of the province, especially in the spirit of the Resolution of the XIX Congress of the Provincial Party Committee.

The Provincial Party Secretary also highly appreciated Viglacera’s investment proposals in all 3 areas, including: industrial, urban and service zones to ensure the province’s harmonious development.

Yen Bai province agreed on the policy of allowing investors to research, survey, plan and propose investment in the area of IC 12 intersection according to the proposed documents. The two sides will jointly study and propose to the Prime Minister to permit the formation of new industrial parks in the areas proposed by the investor. The province will set up a working group to support solving legal procedures as well as difficulties and problems when investing in the Project.

The Provincial Party Secretary also assigned relevant departments, branches and localities to review all projects that have been granted investment policy decisions in the area with the current land and population status to provide information for Corporation. Yen Bai province commits to support in all aspects for Viglacera investors to deploy the project in the most favorable way.

At the meeting, Tran Huy Tuan Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; handed over a written approval for Viglacera Corporation to study, survey, plan and propose investment in the intersection area of IC 12 Yen Bai province.

On February 24, 2021, Mr. Bui Minh Chau – Member of the Executive Committee, Provincial Party secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council, Head of the Member of Congress visited and checked the progress of infrastructure construction of industrial parks (IPs) and production and business situation in Phu Ha Industrial Park (Phu Tho Town).

Along with the comrades: Pham Truong Giang – Member of the Standing Committee, Director of the Provincial Public Security; Phan Trong Tan – TUV, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee and leaders of related departments and units.

Phu Ha Industrial Park, Phu Tho town phase I with a scale of over 350ha, total investment of over 1,900 billion VND, is divided into 2 subdivisions: Northern subdivision and southern subdivision. Up to now, clearance compensation has reached 80% of the total area. For the southern subdivision, it has completed 100% of the clearance work, completed construction of the technical infrastructure system and attracted 25 enterprises to invest in production and business. For the northern subdivision, the site has been cleared 70% of the area, basically completed the third phase of technical infrastructure.

At the meeting, the leaders of Phu Tho town and the investor of Vigracera Corporation also request and proposed to the province for guidance on the support plan for the new households, build the construction, building on land after the announcement of the planning; adjusting the quota for allocation of resettlement land to people; proposing a plan to expand the scale of the industrial park by 100 hectares to the North; for the policy of investment in construction of social housing for workers.

Mr. Bui Minh Chau, Provincial Party secretary acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts of the departments, branches, town of Phu Tho and the investor in the construction of Phu Ha Industrial Park. He emphasized: The Resolution of the XIXth Provincial Party Congress has identified a breakthrough in strongly improving the investment and business environment; 2021 is also the year the province focuses on implementing key tasks of site clearance and project implementation. Therefore, in the coming time, departments of the province, Phu Tho town and investors need to concentrate resources, striving to complete phase I of the project in 2021, creating all favorable conditions for to build Phu Ha industrial park into a model industrial park of the province.

Provincial Party secretary Bui Minh Chau presents flowers to congratulate the officials and workers of Phu Ha Industrial Park

Besides, he affirmed that it is necessary to focus on speeding up the site clearance progress, creating a clean land fund; attracting potential investors with high investment value; ensure electricity supply, traffic safety and order in the area, creating a favorable environment for production and business. In particular, priority must be given to speeding up, completing resettlement areas, and stabilizing people’s lives.

Regarding the recommendations of Phu Tho town and the investor, the Provincial Party secretary Bui Minh Chau assigned relevant departments and branches to coordinate with Phu Tho town, the investor to calculate and propose specific directions according to the most suitable judgment. Policies ensure the maximum benefit of the people but must comply with the procedures, regulations and consistency with ongoing projects. The province also agreed with the policy of expanding 100ha more to the North, will soon complete the procedures under the jurisdiction of the province, and report to the ministries and central branches for other procedures.

For more information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Company – Hotline: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website:

Groundbreaking ceremony of Tuyen Quang – Phu Tho highway connecting connecting two northern provinces of Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho and Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway was held on February 23, 2021.

The expressway, estimated at 40.2 kilometers in length, allows a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, with the first phase of the project scheduled to complete by 2023.

The starting point of the expressway is located at Luong Vuong commune, Tuyen Quang province, and the final point at IC9 interchange of Noi Bai – Lao Cai expressway in Phu Tho province.

“Vietnam is entering the year of 2021 with both opportunities and challenges. Along with strong efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic, the country should ensure no disruption to economic activities to boost growth,” stated Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung at the ceremony.

“To realize this goal, investment into economic and transport infrastructure is one of the three strategic breakthroughs for the economy,” he stated and stressed that the move is key to enhance the economy’s competitiveness and reduce input costs for the business community.

“In this regard, the Tuyen Quang – Phu Tho expressway project linking with Noi Bai – Lao Cai expressway is essential.”

Once completed, the project would be a key component under the Kunming (China) – Hai Phong transport corridor, which is a cooperation program among six countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Financed by public funds, the expressway project is expected to reduce travel time among provinces of Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho and the northern key economic zone.