In 2022, with the drastic and flexible management of the Corporation’s Board of Directors and the consensus of all employees, Viglacera has completed and exceeded the main targets, continuing to affirm its position as the leading enterprise in the construction industry. Let’s take a look at Viglacera’s achievements in 2022.

Exceeding the annual plan target

The results of production and business activities in 2022 of the whole Corporation have achieved and spectacularly exceeded the main targets assigned in the General Meeting of Shareholders. The consolidated pre-tax profit of the whole Corporation was estimated at VND 2,288 billion, reaching 135% of the year plan, up 48% compared to 2021, of which the pre-tax profit of the parent company was estimated at VND 1,722 billion, up 44 % compared to the plan in 2022 and up 50% compared to 2021.

Always affirming the leading brand in the Construction industry

With the orientation of building and implementing a sustainable growth strategy, Viglacera has been constantly trying to improve product quality, applying high technology and smart technology to research and develop green and environmentally-friendly products. Recorded in 2022, Viglacera was honored to receive many prestigious awards in the field of Construction such as National Brand; Top 10 strong brands 2022 in Construction and Building Materials; ranked 94th in the Top 500 Most Profitable Enterprises in Vietnam in 2022 and 48th in the Top 500 Most Profitable Private Enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. In addition, Viglacera is still a Vietnamese enterprise which is in the top 22 largest Ceramic tile manufacturers in the world.

Launching the Vasta brand – Pioneer in the production of sintered stone in Vietnam

Vasta Stone has the advantage of owning the most modern chain in the world SACMI Continua+ imported from Italy. This is also considered the most modern large-scale sintering stone production line in the world.

Thanks to a series of outstanding advantages in terms of hardness, high strength, stain resistance, scratch resistance, waterproof, anti-slip, superior fire resistance, and especially resistance to chemicals, chemical substances, common chemicals in the kitchen, swimming pool walls, stairs, sintered stone has become a high-class material that is preferred by many designers and architects around the world. With amazingly large dimensions of up to 160 x 320cm and flexible thickness from 6mm to 20mm, Vasta Stone with the technologies used brings unique specifications on a truly world-level product.

Strong development of Industrial Real Estate

In 2022, Viglacera recorded impressively growing real estate business results, pre-tax profit was estimated at VND 1,622 billion (reaching 133% of the year plan and growing 57% compared to 2021). This is also the field that plays a leading role and mainly contributes to the profit growth of the Corporation.

In the period of 2022 – 2023, according to the plan, the Corporation will survey and develop a number of new industrial parks in favorable locations. According to the orientation, by 2025, the Corporation will increase the total number of Viglacera-branded industrial parks to 20 with over 10 new industrial parks with a total increasing area of about 2,000 – 3,000 hectares to develop the fund of industrial land.

Pioneering in response to Government programs, implementing social housing and housing for workers projects

Viglacera has started construction of 2,000 apartments – Worker housing project in Yen Phong Industrial Park, Bac Ninh and 1,000 apartments in Dong Mai Industrial Park, Quang Ninh; The project in Dong Van IV Industrial Park has also been completed and is ready to go into operation; With the initiative in investing in the construction of worker housing in industrial parks, Viglacera contributes to the implementation of guidelines and policies of the Government and the Ministry of Construction on the development of social housing, housing for workers, especially when the situation of workers lack of stable accommodation is increasing with the speed of industrial development in Vietnam, thereby demonstrating Viglacera’s responsibility to the community as well as increasing the attractiveness of the industrial parks that Viglacera develops.

Export to European and American markets

Viglacera is the first Vietnamese enterprise to have a booth at the Cersaie Exhibition, Italy. This is the largest and most important international exhibition on technological innovation and technical innovation in the building materials industry, increasingly asserting its position as an ideal destination for investors, manufacturers, consultants, architects and designers operating in the field of construction, sales and production of ceramics and related industries.

Being the first enterprise to have a booth at the world’s largest exhibition to introduce the latest products to customers, Viglacera continues to affirm its leading position in the building materials industry in Vietnam. This is also the bridge to develop the business network, export Viglacera’s products to major countries in Europe and the US.

Production and business activities in the South have been promoted and effectively developed

In order to meet the market expansion and supply products directly in the Southern market, Viglacera has factories in the fields of Sanitary Ware (Viglacera My Xuan Porcelain, Viglacera Binh Duong Porcelain), Ceramic tiles (Viglacera Eurotile Brick Factory, My Duc Brick Factory) and Construction Glass (Viglacera Binh Duong Float Glass Company and Phu My Ultra Clear Float Glass Company). The factories have achieved efficiency which exceeds the plan in 2022.

Innovating and restructuring to be flexible and adapt to market developments

With difficult and unpredictable developments in the world and Vietnam’s economic situation, Viglacera has proactively restructured its activities to adapt appropriately; these measures have been bringing positive results to the company.

Accordingly, Viglacera focuses on restructuring to improve quality and human resource management; Diversifying sales channels/markets and customer files; Expanding and improving the quality of the sale points, increasing interaction directly and through modern platforms; Enhancing digitalization in sales activities and enhancing the actual experience for customers…

With these solutions, Viglaera’s business activities are more flexible, adaptable to market changes and more efficient.

It is anticipated that 2023 will be a challenging year for the world economy, including Vietnam. The question is how to overcome the upcoming headwinds.

HSBC increased its growth projection for Vietnam in 2022 from 7.6 per cent to 8.1 per cent. Despite describing 2022 as a year of rapid economic recovery and stating that Vietnam remains one of Asia’s leading growth economies, HSBC raised concerns about the economy’s risks in the coming years. Therefore, this bank predicts that Vietnam’s economic growth will be slowed, to only 5.8 per cent in 2023 rather than the previously predicted 6 per cent.

In fact, according to HSBC, after increasing by more than 17 per cent annually over the first three quarters of 2022, export growth slowed significantly in October 2022. November even saw a considerable reduction compared to the same period in the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s data, the country’s import-export turnover declined by 7.8 per cent in November compared to the same month in the previous year, when exports fell by 8.4 per cent.

The World Bank has raised concern as exports and domestic consumption, two key development drivers for Vietnam, have slowed. Ministry of Planning and Investment is likewise concerned about this, particularly when cash flow and liquidity issues make it difficult for companies to operate.

Vietnam’s economy faces several dangers and obstacles, particularly considering that the global economy is expected to become tougher in the next year. The American economic recession could significantly impact on the world economy, including Vietnam since the US is Vietnam’s largest export market.

While there are no strong indications that China may reopen its economy in the near future, Vietnam’s other main economic partner, Japan, has recently had inflation at a 40-year peak. The economy of Europe is also experiencing difficulties.

This situation poses a significant challenge for Vietnam since the miracle of exporting more than $700 billion in 2022 is likely to be disrupted. “The nation must prepare for the “hibernation period” of export”. HSBC commented.

(Source: Bao dau tu)

On December 25, Chan May Port Joint Stock Company cooperated with Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC (Hai An Company) to organize the opening of the first domestic container route at Chan May port, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province.

This event marks the opening of a new transport service route, promoting the development of logistics services and connecting Chan May seaport with domestic and international ports.

Potentials and advantages of Chan May Port

Chan May Port is a class-1 major general seaport of Vietnam and one of the seaports selected by the Asia Yacht Association to build a stopover for yachts in Southeast Asia.

The port is located between the two largest cities in the central region (Hue and Da Nang), a national key tourist area (Canh Duong – Lang Co – Hai Van – Bach Ma National Park), a national tourist town of Hue, a major tourist destination in Vietnam and the gateway to the East Sea, the closest and most convenient for regions in the East-West Economic Corridor.

At the opening ceremony, Chan May port welcomed the Hai An View container ship with a capacity of 1,577 TEUs, opening the Hai Phong – Chan May container transport service (Thua Thien Hue) – Ho Chi Minh City, routing 2 trips a week of Hai An Company. This event marked the opening of the first domestic container shipping service to Chan May.

Chan May port welcomed the Hai An View container ship with a capacity of 1,577 TEUs

Only 90km from Chan May Port, Phong Dien Viglacera Industrial Park is located in Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province. This will be a favorable condition for goods import and export enterprises in the province as well as neighboring provinces and Laos to save freight costs.

With a total construction investment of up to VND 700 billion, Phong Dien Viglacera Industrial Park is a multi-industry, high-tech mixed industrial park, targeting low-polluting industries such as electronics, information technology, agro-forestry and aquatic products processing, food and beverage, textiles, construction materials, minerals mining and processing, sand mining and processing thanks to being located next to a quarry of good quality quartz sand with large reserves,…

Currently, the industrial park has a synchronous and modern system of technical infrastructure and services: internal traffic with main roads from 2-4 lanes, 22m to 33m wide, 110/22KV power supply provided from the national electricity grid, a water plant with a capacity of 11,000m3/day. Not only investing in the technical infrastructure of the industrial park, but Viglacera also demonstrates the social responsibility of the enterprise when it is expected to develop an urban area and housing area for workers right next to the industrial park in the future. The project contributes to solving the problem of accommodation for workers, indirectly supporting costs and creating abundant human resources for enterprises.

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From January 1, 2023, the seaport infrastructure fee for import and export goods transported by water to and from seaports in Hai Phong will be reduced by 50%.

Accordingly, at Hai Phong People’s Council meeting, term XVI, 9th session, the delegates voted unanimously to pass 35 resolutions: to amend and supplement Clause 2, Article 1 of Resolution No. 148/2016/NQ-HDND dated December 13, 2016 of the City People’s Council which regulates the fee, mode of collection, payment, management and use of fees for the use of infrastructure works, service works and public utilities in the area of Hai Phong seaport (seaport infrastructure fee for short). This is also one of the solutions to well perform the task of accelerating the renewal of the growth model and developing service activities for seaport and logistics activities in 2023.

The resolution takes effect from January 1, 2023 and Hai Phong People’s Committee is assigned to direct relevant departments, agencies and units to implement. This policy helps enterprises reduce a lot of pressure on costs.

(Source: Bao dau tu)