On the morning of May 6, 2024, Viglacera held a monthly meeting to assess preliminary production and business activities for April 2024 and to discuss the production and business plan and key tasks for May 2024.

Full view of the meeting

In April, Viglacera consolidated profit reached VND 29.2 billion. Accumulated profit in the first four months of the year is estimated to reach 31% of the annual plan, an increase of VND 143.5 billion compared to the same period in 2023.

Industrial Park (IP) real estate continues to be a bright spot

Total revenue from the real estate business segment in April is estimated to reach VND 267 billion, achieving 101% of the monthly plan. This demonstrates the stability and development potential of this field in Viglacera’s business strategy.

The direction from the Board of Directors and the Executive Board is to continue to focus resources and more vigorously implement land acquisition and clearance work, invest in IP infrastructure, ensure construction progress and meet market demand, and expand new land funds to enhance value.

At the same time, apply green and smart standards to the next IP projects with core objectives incorporated into the action plan.

Continue to focus on improving the efficiency of construction materials production

Recognizing the common difficulties of the real estate market, Viglacera has developed appropriate response strategies to maintain growth momentum and ensure business efficiency. Viglacera’s leadership has directed the business team to regularly monitor market developments, update customer needs to coordinate with factories to establish and adjust production and business plans accordingly; Strengthen coordination between production and business units to ensure the supply of goods, focus on promoting sales activities, and ensure operating cash flow.

In addition, Viglacera has implemented specific measures such as controlling costs and reducing production costs to optimize performance and profit. Focus on expanding the consumption market, especially in regions such as the Central and Southern regions in Vietnam. In a period of market difficulties, the Corporation’s leadership also directed the focus on internal management work to ensure flexible, effective business operations and compliance with legal regulations.

Also in April, Viglacera urged and supervised the implementation of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and Annual Conference of Employees of member companies and associates. On the basis of the key tasks set out, the Corporation will focus on implementing specific solutions for each field and prepare to organize the Corporation’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at the end of this May.

Hanoi, Vietnam – Morning of March 20, 2024 – The Vietbuild International Exhibition, the largest annual event in the construction and architecture industry in Vietnam, has officially opened. The exhibition takes place from March 20 to March 24 2024, at the National Exhibition Center for Planning and Architecture – No. 01 Do Duc Duc, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. With the commitment to continuous development and innovation, Viglacera has brought to this exhibition a very special presentation of advanced green building material products…

Viglacera was honored to be visited by the Delegation of Vietbuild Organizing Committee, including leaders of the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Vietnam Building Materials Association to visit and inaugurate the booth. Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh – Deputy Minister of Construction spent a lot of time learning about new products in the Green Building Materials Display Area of Viglacera, which appeared for the first time at Vietbuild.

Delegation visiting Viglacera’s exhibition booth

Many modern building materials, manufactured according to green and smart criteria, have been of interest to delegates

Viglacera’s unique exhibition space and products with outstanding features at Vietbuild become the center of attraction for visitors, including many international visitors from Europe, Australia, Korea, etc…

Viglacera’s exhibition space at Vietbuild 2024 will recreate the Historical Journey from the First Steps to Today. The vivid “movie with artifacts” – made from Viglacera’s special products – clearly reflects the development of the building materials industry in Vietnam. In other words, it is a highly symbolic picture of the long history of the entire industry, but “packaged” within a limited exhibition space framework.

Sintered stones, Ultra Clear glass, AAC blocks, tiles and sanitary ware applied in the exhibition spaces, helping visitors experience the diversity of materials in practice. The typical products of Viglacera displayed here are all products that represent the pioneering role in the building materials industry, which are clearly classified but also seamlessly connected to tell the story of the 50-year history of construction and development of Viglacera through:

Space of origin of the 50-year journey: The historical area in Viglacera’s exhibition is an important part of the exhibition space. The stages of Appearance – Development – Flourishing of all technological revolutions at Viglacera are clearly presented. However, the traditional and modern atmosphere is designed and integrated, cleverly interwoven. This area is a unique “check-in” point, where every step of the visitor becomes a moment to keep memories and prove their presence at this meaningful exhibition.

Viglacera Since 1974″ is a space filled with the red color of construction ceramics, reminiscent of Viglacera’s decades-long journey associated with the clay brick and tile manufacturing industry. But also here, with products with high technology content, a completely new “face” of clay bricks and tiles has won the hearts of those who love traditional building materials but still require high standards of technical and artistic criteria.

Green building material product ecosystem zones: Viglacera is committed to developing green building material products to minimize environmental impact and bring benefits to society. Solutions include AAC Blocks, ALC Panels, Sintered Stone, Energy Saving Glass and Ultra Clear Glass… are being invested to promote export and promote sustainable development. Viglacera hopes to contribute to building a green living environment for the future, towards the Net Zero goal, while creating new opportunities for the Vietnamese building materials industry in the international market.

Viglacera’s products are always towards sustainable future development

Glass application demonstration spaces: In addition to the familiar Building Glass and Energy Saving Glass products, this year Viglacera also introduced a new glass product that also bears the pioneering mark – Ultra Clear Glass (also known as Super Clear Glass). Launched in late 2023, Ultra Clear Glass not only represents a new step in Viglacera’s glass technology, but is also the Corporation’s announcement of its official entry into the renewable energy sector. At Vietbuild Hanoi Exhibition, Super White Glass is applied to the maximum from partitions to other decor applications, creating a strong impression for visitors.

The 50-year history of construction and development of Viglacera is “written” on the surface of Ultra Clear Glass. With its super clear properties, the transmission of realistic and sharp images makes the historical division and the modern building materials division of Viglacera seem to be connected in a perfect, highly symbolic space.

Space showing the flexibility in the application of tiling in interior and exterior design: The Vietbuild 2024 space also gives great priority to the new product – Sintered Stone – a big step from the common tiling application to modern and magnificent interior architectural design solutions. When society increasingly emphasizes sustainability and environmental friendliness, the characteristics of sintered stone such as weather resistance, chemical resistance, easy cleaning and scratch resistance make this material an ideal choice for architectural works, from the lobby space, cabinets/kitchen tables to display cabinets, decor, bathrooms… Behind each sintered stone slab are creative and innovative recipes and profound technological innovations. Sintered stone with the impression created by the different large size, the sophisticated surface pattern has created a very unique booth, making any visitor want to step in and enjoy.

Diverse bathroom solutions: Visitors to this area will witness the spectacular innovation and quality improvement in each product, not only in the high-end segment such as the smart sanitary ware product set with an impressive new product launch, but also including product solutions for social housing, public area solutions with many significant improvements. In 2024, Viglacera continuously invests in technology to continue to reduce production costs, improve quality and long-term value for products with water saving, anti-fouling and sustainable accessorie.

Indeed, within the framework of Vietbuild 2024 exhibition in Hanoi, Viglacera not only brings a product display space, but also a place to tell the story of the Journey of half a century always aware of self-renewal. Viglacera is a complete symbol of the effort to invest, research, innovate and commit to developing green and sustainable building materials. We once again respectfully introduce the Story in pictures about the perseverance of creativity, the brave pioneering spirit and the constant commitment to following the business ethics of the leading enterprise in the building materials industry in Vietnam. Viglacera affirms its commitment to providing customers with comprehensive solutions, contributing to creating a modern, convenient and environmentally friendly life.

2024 has been identified as the “Year of Action,” a year of breakthrough movements in all sectors of operation within Viglacera. This was the directive message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director of Viglacera Corporation during the summary meeting of the first month of 2024.

During the meeting, positive signals regarding export activities from many major markets worldwide were reported. Alongside this, several areas were highlighted for restructuring efforts to ensure Viglacera continues to overcome challenges and grow.

“A robust investment, optimizing both technology and human resources”

Overview of the Meeting

The Chairman of the Board Directors of Viglacera Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, made a clear request: “We have products ready to enter the 5-star construction, so the criterion set for the production process is to continue improving, ensuring that the products are worthy of 5-star quality. Especially in these difficult times, we must focus even more on achieving that. At Viglacera, there will be no hesitation, no retreat; we must invest more aggressively in technology to achieve our goals.”

At the same time, the Chairman of the Board of Directors also demanded that the investment process of conversion and technology enhancement proceed swiftly and decisively, producing tangible results. Any area or activity deemed ineffective will be halted in order to seek other opportunities. Vigilance is crucial as we embark on the restructuring journey. He referred to this as the “boundary set by the Board of Directors,” which is also the boundary for preserving a strong and secure Viglacera in the face of potential long-term economic challenges.

The General Director of Viglacera Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, also expressed determination in leading the management: “This is a period of optimizing both technology and human resources to maximize the value of the assets we have invested in!”! Regarding technology, the corporation has and will allocate resources from the Science and Technology Fund to support construction material factories to continue investing in upgrading equipment, especially breakthrough equipment for production, bringing higher efficiency while significantly reducing production costs, and laying the groundwork for competition on all three fronts: quality, design, and price! The General Director set clear expectations for some products that, after additional investment in production equipment, must reduce prices by 30% to 40%. Competing equations in both domestic and export markets depend heavily on this factor, so it will be included in the closely monitored management program.

Viglacera: Pioneering Footprints

 Viglacera (VGC), Hanoi – January 31, 2024. In the days leading up to the commemoration of its 50th anniversary (July 25, 1974 – July 25, 2024), Viglacera Corporation organized a series of plaque installation events at locations where the foundations for the construction materials industry were laid.

Starting with an event at the Thanh Tri Ceramic Factory and the Hanoi Ceramic Tile Factory – where the first sanitary porcelain products and square meters of ceramic tiles in Vietnam were produced – these “pioneering footprints” not only paved the way for Viglacera but also for the entire Vietnamese construction materials industry to move forward.

The plaque installation ceremony was held at Viglacera Thanh Tri – the first sanitary porcelain factory in Vietnam

The plaque installation ceremony was held at the first Ceramic Tile factory in Vietnam, – Now located at 1 Dai Lo Thang Long, Hanoi.

This activity also aimed to spread Viglacera’s internal culture to all employees on the occasion of the corporation’s half-century anniversary. The plaque installation events at facilities associated with Viglacera’s pioneering construction materials products, as well as those of Vietnam, filled all Viglacera leaders, officers, employees, and workers with excitement, pride, and emotion.

All in one