With the advantage of abundant labor resources, low labor costs and convenient traffic location, Phu Ha – Phu Tho Industrial Park (IP) has become the “ideal stop” for both domestic and foreign investors.

Phu Ha Industrial Park, developed by Viglacera Corporation – JSC started the construction in 2015 with a scale of 350 ha. The IZ is located in Phu Tho town, which is easy to connect to Hanoi – Lao Cai highway through IC9 intersection, under the economic axis of Hai Phong – Hanoi – Lao Cai – Kunming (China), near Ho Chi Minh artery route, convenient to move to Noi Bai airport (45 minutes), central Hanoi (1 hour) and surrounding areas.

Currently, IZ has had complete, synchronic and modern technical and social service infrastructure: the power is supplied from the national grid through 110/22KV transformer station, water system is supplied with the capacity of 13.500m3 per day, wastewater treatment plant is located in the inner area with the capacity of 7,500m3 per day, separate rainwater and wastewater drainage system is in well – placed. In addition, the telecommunication network with international standards has been established within the IP, fully and quickly meeting all the requirements of domestic and foreign communication services of companies.

Phu Ha Industrial Zone has been developed with technical infrastructure and synchronous and modern services

Right from the operation time, Phu Ha Industrial Park has created a great attraction for investors thanks to the elements of ‘time – geography – humanity’. Investment enterprises here have always received sincere support from local authorities with policies such as tax exemption and tax reduction policies, simple procedures, … to quickly stabilize business and investment activities.

Until now, the IP has successfully attracted 17 enterprises from Korea and Japan to rent land with a total estimated investment of up to hundreds of millions USD, creating jobs for thousands of local workers. Investors in the area are mainly high-tech enterprises operating in the field of manufacturing phone components including cameras, vibrating motors, headsets, batteries, cables, chargers, circuit boards, …; Auto parts include wheel speed sensors, power cables and other components and accessories. This success has affirmed the vision of Viglacera’s management board when deciding to invest in Phu Tho – a dynamic and potential development province.

With more than 20 years of experience in developing IPs, Viglacera Corporation – JSC has been constantly striving to improve the investment environment and upgrade its competitiveness. Along with the increasing trend of attracting foreign investment, Phu Ha Industrial Zone promises to be a bright destination for businesses, having desires for expanding production in the North.

For further information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Company – Phone: (+84) 903 405 099 | Website: https://viglaceraip.com

To welcome the year 2019, in the morning of 11th February 2019 ( 7th January in Lunar calendar) – the first working day of the whole country, Viglacera corporation – JSC solemnly hold the groundbreaking ceremony of the culture institution for social housing area in Yen Phong – Bac Ninh Industrial zone and activate the Tree planting festival. This is a crucial activity which showed the orientation of Ministry of Construction’s leaders, Bac Ninh Provincial Party, People’s Council and People’s Committee ‘s leaders in caring for workers both physically and mentally, especially workers in industrial zones.

Overview of the ceremony

The guests joining this ceremony included Mr Pham Hoang Ha – Member of Party Central Committee – Minister of Construction, Mr Nguyen Nhan Chien – Member of Party Central Committee – Provincial Party secretary – Bac Ninh National Assembly Delegation leader, Mr Nguyen Tu Quynh – Provincial Party Deputy Secretary – President of Bac Ninh People’s committee, Deputy Ministers of Construction, Standing members of Bac Ninh Provincial Party, Bac Ninh province and Yen Phong county ‘s People’s Committee leaders, Construction Ministry ‘s Departments and companies ‘s leaders, Mr Choi Joo Ho – General director of Samsung Vietnam complex and other representatives of investors who were operating in Yen Phong – Bac Ninh Industrial zones. After finishing the Social housing project for workers in 2017, the Culture Institution project once again affirms the engagement of Viglacera corporation – JSC as the enterprise leading not only in investing on Industrial zone’s infrastructure and facilities but also in investing on the urban area with the goal of improving the working, living and transportation conditions for workers which results in the increasing engagement of workers in Yen Phong 1 Industrial zone.

Mr Tran Anh Tuan – Centered projects management Department ‘s Leader of the Corporation spoke at the ceremony

The culture institution for social housing area in Yen Phong Industrial Zone is a multi-functional complex including: 01 primary school (15 classes), 01 kindergarten school (12 classes), 01 culture building (capacity of 1000 people), clinics, park and gym & sport zone with the total area of 17.000 m2. This complex applies the open space structure with 2-3 floors, yards blending into housing blocks, big roof system connecting the elevations which creates a unique point making different buildings become a whole unifying complex.

The culture institution for social housing area in Yen Phong – Bac Ninh Industrial Zone

With the goal of developing the Industry – Urban zone together with ensuring environment protection, Viglacera commits to actively mobilize all resources, speed up the process of building industrial zones, social housing and culture institutions for the industrial zone ‘s workers, cover most of the area with trees to improve environment condition, follow the orientation of creating the modern and sustainable industrial and urban zones.

Mr Nguyen Tu Quynh – Provincial Party Deputy Secretary – President of Bac Ninh People’s committee spoke at the ceremony

Mr Nguyen Tu Quynh – Provincial Party Deputy Secretary – President of Bac Ninh People’s committee spoke at the ceremony about the excellent achievements of Bac Ninh province in the last period of time, especially the achievements in attracting foreign investments, developing industrial zones to create resources for developing the local economy. To achieve those positive results, there is a big contribution from the caring and support from Ministry of Construction. Mr Quynh also highly appreciated the high determination of Viglacera as the pioneer in Social housing and Technical infrastructure building field. Viglacera not only cared about sustainable development with green development strategy but also actively took the social responsibilities such as investing on synchronizing technical infrastructure development with social infrastructure development; building modern infrastructures, beautiful landscapes, complexes which are friendly with the environment. The sustainable development orientation which shows the high responsibility of Viglacera is the strong driving force for development of Bac Ninh province.

Mr Pham Hong Ha – Member of Party Central Committee – Minister of Construction

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Pham Hong Ha – Member of Party Central Committee – Minister of Construction stated that 2 years ago, also at Yen Phong industrial zone, he joined the groundbreaking ceremony for the Worker housing construction project. Until now, the project was finished as the time that Viglacera committed. Caring about the living standard of factory workers, bringing the essential culture and mental values to the local community is the humane development road that Viglacera bring to factory workers in all industrial zones in general and in Yen Phong industrial zone particularly.

Mr Pham Hong Ha – Minister of Construction directed to commence the Culture institution in Yen Phong – Bac Ninh industrial zone

Together with the joys of the whole country in the first working day of 2019, Minister Pham Hong Ha with other leaders of Bac Ninh provinces and Viglacera’s leaders activated the Tree planting festival 2019 as the famous saying from Ho Chi Minh “Planting tree for the benefit 10 years later”. This festival is an expectation on a green future, a clear environment and sustainable development in the future.

At the beginning of 2019, leaders of Viglacera Corporation also visited employees at Viglacera AAC factory. The image of factory workers working passionately in the first day of the year is a strong motivation for the whole corporation ‘s employees to contribute and develop more building a stronger Viglacera.

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has just signed a Decision approving the policy of investing in the construction of technical infrastructure of Yen Phong II-C industrial zone (Bac Ninh) with the investment of VND 2234 billion with the area of 221 ha.

Yen Phong II-C industrial zone with the investment of VND 2234 billion and a scale of 221 ha

Yen Phong II-C industrial zone is located in Cho town, Dong Tien and Tam Giang commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province, developed by Viglacera Corporation – JSC. The project with a scale of 221 ha attracted a total investment of VND 2234 billion including VND 3574 billion of investors’ capital, VND 5585 billion of loans and VND 1318 billion of other capitals.

The operation duration of the project is 50 years from the date of the Decision of investment policy. The progress of project implementation is 5 years since the Decision of investment policy.

The annual TISE international exhibition held in Las Vegas is the most significant event of the tiles and natural stone industry in the North American market. The show also attracts customers who are the manufacturing and distribution companies of building materials field, design companies, and construction units to survey and study the development trends of tiles market.

After a long time of the market survey, product positioning for each product line and demand segment for building materials field, Viglacera – the only brand from Vietnam has brought the latest technology products to introduce and display at TISE 2019 – the USA.

Participating in product introduction and customer contact at Viglacera booth are some of Viglacera’s significant partners in the US. These are partners who have had time to work with the company, have knowledge of Viglacera’s products andwant to work with the company in direct access to customers to widely advertise and expand the distribution system of Viglacera products in the US market.

In the TISE’s exhibition space, Viglacera booth brings a new style to introduce synchronous and diverse products from ceramic tiles, sanitary wares to high quality baked clay bricks to meet all market needs. These are typical building materials products that are suitable to promote and export to the US market in the coming time.

For ceramic tiles, the US market is favoured to use tiles with dimensions of 15x60cm, 15x90cm, 45x90cm, 60x120cm, wood-based trend patterns, rich, deep tones and stone colours. Therefore, when bringing these products to the exhibition, Viglacera booth has received considerable attention from customers.

For sanitary wares, the trend in the US is to use a seamless tank with large size, pure colour and water saving features. Viglacera’s comprehensive set of bathroom equipment from shower, basin, sink to faucets brings convenience to US customers who value time more than anything.

In the forefront of developing the Latin America market, in 2018, Viglacera invested in Joint venture factory for ceramic tiles and sanitary ware in Cuba. When the factory officially comes into operation, it will be convenient to supply goods in the Caribbean and the Americas. The expansion in the US market is an essential step in the export development orientation of Viglacera Corporation in 2019-2020 while affirming its name and position in the world market.

As the first event of the new year, the TISE exhibition has become a place for companies to launch new products and introduce them to consumers. The exhibition includes three world-class trade shows: SURFACES, StonExpo/Marmomac and Tile Expo. The International Surface Event is the most comprehensive event of the US building materials industry taking place in 3 days from January 23 to January 25, 2019. The exhibition has about 800 booths and attracts 100,000 visitors.

On 16th January 2019, in Ho Chi Minh city, Viglacera corporation – JSC had honor to be listed in top 500 biggest enterprises in Vietnam in 2018. This result is based on the analysis and independent evaluation of Vietnam Report.

Viglacera corporation – JSC ranks the first among top 500 biggest enterprises in Vietnam ‘s building materials market in 2018. This achievement not only confirms the advanced position of Viglacera among Vietnamese business community with large business scale and high revenue but also is a result deserved with all effort of the whole corporation in innovating, applying “green” technology, improving business activities in a professional and sustainable way.

Viglecera Corporation – JSC ranks top 500 biggest enterprises in Vietnam ‘s building materials market

2018 is evaluated as a successful year to Viglacera corporation – JSP in all operating fields, especially in the field of manufacturing and trading building materials: The solution of converting to manufacture 100% Viglacera terracotta got the exclusive certificate of useful solution; The national scientific project went into production in Viglacera AAC factory; The Viglacera My Xuan Sanity Ware started operating and increased the capacity of the whole Sanity Ware division of the corporation to 2 million products per year; Viglacera invested in Super white float glass factory with productivity of 600 tons per day to meet the demand of manufacturing solar battery.

Besides, Viglacera also pays high attention on investment projects in Real Estate field: Viglacera activated the strategy of investment in foreign countries by the Vimariel – Cuba special economic zone project; Viglacera is delegated from Prime Minister 2 new industrial zone projects: Yen Phong II-C (Bac Ninh) and Yen My (Hung Yen) to invest on construction and infrastructure; Viglacera marked a new turning point in real estate development strategy with the project of luxury ecotourism area in Van Hai – Quan Lan, Quang Ninh. Moreover, Viglacera also concentrates on investment in constructing worker housing, social housing to increase the value of infrastructure and services for industrial zones etc. Due to all of those activities, the reputation and brand position of Viglacera is more and more recognized.

The fact that Viglacera continues to maintain the brand and ranks highly in VNR500 chart shows the main and pioneer role of Viglacera corporation – JSP in building materials manufacturing & trading and real estate investment in Vietnam and confirms the achievement, effort and devotion of Viglacera for the national economic-social development.

In the chart of top 500 biggest enterprises in Vietnam in 2019, Viglacera ranks 128th and ranks 1st among top biggest enterprises in building materials industry. The VNR chart is established based on the analysis and independent evaluation of Vietnam Report.

The criteria are actual revenue, total capital, total employees, profit after tax and others such as ROA, ROE, reputation, etc. Enterprises don’t have to submit any fee to be listed in the VNR500 chart.

Meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in the afternoon of October 30th, on the occasion of his visit to Vietnam, Mr. Lee Jae Yong, Vice President of Samsung Group affirmed that the Group would invest in Vietnam for a long-term and expand operations in this country.

According to the Government’s Web Portal, in the evening of October 30, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc received Mr. Lee Jae Yong, Vice President of Samsung Group who was paying a business visit to Vietnam, he proposed Samsung Group to continue to expand its scale of operations in Vietnam, not only be “the largest global production base in Vietnam”, but also towards “the largest global strategic base in Vietnam”.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc received Vice President of Samsung Group Lee Jae Yong.

He added, in addition to assembly lines, production of electronic products, Samsung should expand its investment in important manufacturing industries that the Group has competitive advantages, such as research – development of semiconductor, infrastructure, energy, etc.

The Prime Minister also asked Samsung to deploy the Samsung Research and Development (R&D) Center Project as committed, with an aim to promoting R&D activity in Vietnam; continue providing practical support on training and technology transfer in order to facilitate the development of Vietnamese supporting industry enterprises.

Highly valued the investment activities of Samsung in Vietnam with more than 17 billion USD of invested capital, creating jobs for more than 160,000 people and bringing export turnover of 54 billion USD in 2017, Prime Minister said that besides Samsung’s determination and efforts, Vietnam’s ministries, branches and localities have created favorable conditions for Samsung to invest successfully in Vietnam over the past few years.

The Prime Minister affirmed the Government of Vietnam would continue to support Samsung to be more successful in Vietnam. In response, Samsung Group Vice President Lee Jae Yong expressed his gratitude for the attention of the Government and the Prime Minister for the Group’s activities in Vietnam, especially in promptly removing problems and difficulties for the Group.

“Samsung has invested in many countries, but not many countries have listened to and actively resolved business recommendations like Vietnam,” said Mr. Lee Jae Yong. Appraising the robust economic growth of Vietnam over the past time, Mr. Lee Jae Yong confirmed Samsung would extend its investment and broaden its operations in Vietnam.

He added, developing supporting industries and increasing the localization rate in Vietnam would not only be the expectation of Vietnam’s Government but also of Samsung. Samsung, at the moment, has been both focusing on production and promoting R&D in Vietnam; as well as trying to cooperate more with Vietnamese enterprises in supplying accessories and human resources, etc.
The vice president of Samsung also said that after returning to South Korea, he would hold a meeting with the participation of the Group’s officials to consider the investment potentials in other sectors and fields in Vietnam as suggested by the Prime Minister.

Source: baodautu.vn

The National Assembly approved the Resolution on ratifying CPTPP Agreement and related documents on November 12th, 2018. Accordingly, the Agreement will come into force for Vietnam from January 14th, 2019.

On March 8th, 2018, Vietnam and other 10 countries including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and Singapore officially signed the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans – Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in San Diego, Chile.

CPTPP aims to liberalise trade and investment in 11 member countries

By December 30th, 2018, the CPTPP Agreement was officially in force for the first six countries completing the procedure for ratifying the Agreement including Mexico, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

For Vietnam, the National Assembly passed the Resolution on ratification of the CPTPP Agreement and related documents on November 12th, 2018. Accordingly, the Agreement will come into force for Vietnam from 14th January, 2019.

With comprehensive commitments, high standards and balances, the CPTPP Agreement will help strengthen the mutually beneficial link between member economies and boost trade, investment and economic growth in Asia – Pacific region.

The CPTPP Agreement consists of 7 Articles and 1 Annex that regulates the relationship within the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) which was signed by 12 countries including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam on February 6th, 2016 in New Zealand as well as deals with other issues related to validity, withdrawal or accession to the CPTPP Agreement.

Basically, the CPTPP Agreement keeps the contents of the TPP Agreement (including 30 chapters and 9 appendices) but allow member countries to postpone 20 groups of obligations to ensure the balance of rights and obligations of members in the context of the US withdrawal from the TPP Agreement.

These 20 groups of suspension obligations include 11 obligations related to the Intellectual Property Chapter, 2 obligations relating to the Government Procurement Chapter and the remaining 7 obligations related to 7 chapters of Customs Management and Trade, Investment, Trade in cross-border services Facilitation, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Environment, Transparency and Anti-Corruption. However, all commitments on market openness in the TPP Agreement remain in the CPTPP Agreement.

According to experts, opportunities and challenges from CPTPP depend greatly on Vietnam’s ability to grasp opportunities and overcome challenges.

Previously, speaking at the National Assembly about this Agreement, Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh said that participating in CPTPP in general was beneficial for Vietnam.

According to official research results of Ministry of Planning and Investment conducted in September 2017, CPTPP could help Vietnam’s GDP and exports increase by 1.32% and 4.04% respectively by 2035. The total import turnover may also increase by 3.8%, lower than the rate of export growth, so overall impact on the trade balance is favorable.

In addition, having FTA relations with other CPTPP countries will help Vietnam restructure export and import markets in a more balanced way, thereby helping Vietnam to improve the autonomy of the economy.

In addition, it will help Vietnam have the opportunity to participate in the supply chain formed after the CPTPP takes effect and is an important condition to improve the level of economic development, from which Vietnam can participate in production stages with higher added value.

The Government also recognized that such participation is an opportunity for Vietnam to continue to upgrade the institution of economic law including a socialist-oriented market economy institution, to support the process of growth model innovation and economic growth restructuring.

At the same time, it will help Vietnam to have more opportunities to improve its business environment in a more open, transparent and easily predictable way to approach advanced international standards, thereby promoting both domestic and foreign investment.

Socially, participating in CPTPP will create more jobs, increase income and contribute to poverty reduction.

It is known that the countries participating in CPTPP have a total GDP of 10.2 trillion USD, accounting for more than 13% of the global GDP. The total population is 495 million, accounting for 6.8% of the world population.

Source: VnEconomy

On September 1st, 2018, Hai Phong – Ha Long Expressway officially opened. Then, on December 30th, 2018, three other projects were inaugurated at the same time: Van Don International Airport, Ha Long – Van Don Highway and Ha Long International Passenger Port. Thanks to increasingly convenient traffic, Quang Ninh province and Dong Mai Industrial Park (Quang Ninh) are expected to become potential investment destinations in the Northern market.

Hai Phong – Ha Long – Van Don expressway plays a vital role in fully making Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh economic triangle connection possible, helping to increase the flow of goods transported from Quang Ninh to other provinces in the North and vice versa.

Directly connecting with Hai Phong – Ha Long – Van Don expressway, Dong Mai Industrial Park (Quang Yen, Quang Ninh) is only 12km from the highway. After completion, the new road has shortened the distance from Hanoi to the Industrial Park from 160km down to 107km, the time for traveling reducing from 3 hours to 1.5 hours.

QL. 18 intersection is 12 km from Industrial Park connecting Dong Mai Industrial Park with Hanoi – Hai Phong highway.

At the same time, the distance from the Industrial Park to Hai Phong port is also reduced by two thirds (from 75km to 27km) and takes 15 minutes, making the exchange of goods from Quang Ninh province in general and Dong Mai Industrial Park in particular to the other countries via sea become more convenient. In addition, Van Don International Airport with first commercial flights will expand air cargo transport for enterprises in the area.

Location of Dong Mai Industrial Park (Quang Yen, Quang Ninh)

According to the report on provincial competitiveness index 2018 (PCI) recently launched by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Quang Ninh province continues to hold the top position. With this recognized advantage, Dong Mai Industrial Park has the potential to attract more foreign investment in the future.

Currently, Dong Mai Industrial Park has Yazaki Corporation – Japan’s largest corporation in manufacturing electric wires in cars for the world’s leading auto companies which came into operation in 2013. In 2016, Vietnam Vega Balls Company under Yuan Chi Group (Taiwan) – Top 5 leading basketball producers in the world became interested in renting land. In the first quarter of 2019, after the transportation system has been fully connected, Dong Mai Industrial Park welcomed two more enterprises specializing in manufacturing and assembling electronic components for TCL Group with an investment of estimated capital as much as $USD 30 million.

Invested up to $USA 30 million by Viglacera Corporation, Dong Mai Industrial Park has the scale of 160 ha with synchronous infrastructure system. The park had a 110/22KV power source supplied from the national grid, water supply station with capacity of 6,500 m3 per day and night, rainwater and waste water drainage system separately built, public sewage treatment plant with the capacity of 4,800 m3 per day and night. In addition, investors are supported with: customs services, banks, hospitals, post offices, and especially Dong Mai urban area with an area of 9.1ha which is ready to provide accommodation for workers, if needed, right in the industrial park.

The industrial park has clean land, competitive rent cost, and get ready to welcome businesses to build factories right away.

For further information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Company – Phone: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website: https://viglaceraip.com

Vietnam has become an attractive destination to foreign investors in Southeast Asia thanks to a strong network of free trade agreements. As a result, Viglacera has been successfully getting attention from foreign investors in 2018.

In 2018, Viglacera’s Industrial Parks (IPs) continuously welcomed lots of leading enterprises from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Europe for land lease. There was a surge in number of client day after day, especially at the end of the year, when companies were preparing for 2019 business plans.

Owning a series of premise located in many provinces, Viglacera can offer its investors a variety of options and meet particular needs of each business. So far, Viglacera has developed 11 industrial parks and 01 special economic zone with a total area of 4,038 ha, attracting nearly 12 billion USD in Bac Ninh, Quang Ninh, Thai Binh, Ha Nam, Hung Yen, Thua Thien Hue, and ViMariel Special Economic Zone in Cuba.

Alone in November 2018, Viglacera’s IPs successfully attracted leading enterprises with an estimated leasing land to reach 40ha in Yen Phong Industrial Park (Bac Ninh), Dong Van IV Industrial Park (Ha Nam), Tien Hai Industrial Park (Thai Binh).

Specifically, Shandong Intco Medical Product Co., Ltd. signed a land lease agreement in Tien Hai Industrial Park (Thai Binh) to manufacture medical gloves.

Image of Shandong Intco Medical Products Corporation Ltd. Factories in Zhenjiang, China

In Yen Phong Industrial Park, Deli Group Co., Ltd., a world leading stationery brand, decided to invest in constructing and operating a factory.

The world leading stationery brand Deli invested in a factory in Yen Phong Industrial Park

Additionally, Dong Van IV Industrial Park (Ha Nam) welcomed the Autonics Corporation to rent land for sensor equipment production, meanwhile some other electronic enterprises also decided to invest in this industrial park.

Image of the Autonics Group headquarters in Busan, South Korea

Apart from those enterprises, Viglacera continued to meet and consult many other investors interested in Vietnam market in general, and Viglacera’s IPs in particular. Nowadays, all industrial parks have available land to welcome businesses to rent and build factories.

Viglacera is proud to be the leading industrial park developer in Vietnam with the list of active industrial parks including: Tien Son Industrial Park (Bac Ninh), Yen Phong Industrial Park (Bac Ninh), Phu Ha Industrial Park (Phu Tho), Hai Yen Industrial Park (Quang Ninh), Dong Mai Industrial Park (Quang Ninh), Tien Hai Industrial Park (Thai Binh), Dong Van IV Industrial Park (Ha Nam), Phong Dien Industrial Park (Thua Thien Hue), Vimariel Special Economic Zone (Cuba). These IPs have attracted over 300 investors around the world, of which are such reputable brands as Samsung, Orion, Canon, Toyoda Gosei, Yazaki, Ariston, Texhong. In 2019, Viglacera plans to start constructing the next industrial parks in Yen My (Hung Yen) and Thuan Thanh (Bac Ninh).

For further information, please contact our hotline: (+84) 8888 22 55 88 | Website: https://viglaceraip.com

Three major transport projects include Van Don international airport, Ha Long international cruise port and Ha Long – Van Don highway.

These three projects were invested under the public-private partnership model, with the goal of improving transport infrastructure, shortening the distance to boost the socio-economic development of the province.

Specifically, when it is in operation, Ha Long – Van Don highway will reduce travel hours to 2 hours from Hanoi to Van Don, instead of 4.5 hours as it is now. Van Don international airport, when it comes to be in use, is expected to cater 5 million passengers per year and serve big jets such as Airbus A350, Boeing 777. Hon Gai cruise port is also desired to support local travel, it was constructed under the private-public partnership between Quang Ninh province and Sun Group.

After 4 years of implementation, these three transport projects have been completed and put into operation from December 30, contributing to connect the province with others in the region as well to form a link between the North economic development region and the whole country.

Source: VTV

Foreign investment is strongly attracted

According to the report of Savills, Viet Nam is one of the fastest developing industrial markets regionally. The country has greatly competitive position to receive the flow of foreign investors, such as Apple’s manufacturers recently have raised their concerns over moving to Vietnam avoiding $200 billion tariff on goods produced in China.

In 2018, Vietnam remains emerging as the next Asian manufacturing centre. During the first half of the year, Vietnam received 1,366 newly registered projects with a total investment capital of 11.8 billion USD. In particular, the manufacturing and processing sector attracted 477 new projects, accounting for 39% of the total registered foreign directed investment (FDI), reaching 7.9 billion USD, increased by 12.7% over the same period of last year. The total FDI of Japan in Vietnam accounted for 32% with 6.4 billion USD, followed by South Korea with 5 billion USD and Singapore with 2.3 billion USD.

The Vietnam Industrial Real Estate market has been drawing attention of foreign investors. Image: Tien Son Industrial Park

In addition, during the same period of first half of 2018, the Vietnam’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) had climbed to its peak since the first half of 2011, reaching 55.7 points which exceeded the expansion standard of 50 points. Increased output led to the dramatic number of additional recruitment from companies in June. Accordingly, the surge of new enterprises has also resulted in manufacturing growth in the next year. The Vietnam’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) was 12.3% in June, 2018, increasing 10.5% year over year (YoY).

Savill has pointed out factors contributing to the promotion of Vietnam’s competitiveness capacity which include: the low labor costs, reasonable land rental charges, preferential tax rate, the participation in trade agreements, the proactive labor force as well as the convenient geological approach to natural resources and target market.

Industrial Real Estate: demand exceeds supply

As estimated by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam has 325 industrial zones (IZ) with the total area of 95,000 hectares, occupancy rate reaching 53% at the end of June, 2018. In particular, 231 IZs have been putting into operation, while 94 IZs are constructing infrastructure or compensating for land clearance. The demand for industrial real estate has been exceeding the supply of well-performed IZs with the total occupancy rate of 73%. Additionally, Vietnam has owned 17 coastal IZs with the total provided area of 845,000 hectares.

According to Savills, Vietnam industry has been considerably attracting foreign investment during the first half of 2018. The current supply of industrial property provides advantages for manufacture. Also, large scale industrial real estate deals have consolidated the believes of investor.

‘The government needs to promote the investment in core infrastructure and multimodal transport system to reduce the costs of logistics and respond to higher valued projects in the future. The government also needs to pay more attention on simplifying superfluous administrative and customs procedures as well to improve the connection among economic areas’, suggested Savills.

Source: CafeF

On October 23rd, 2018, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba – Antonio Carricarte Corona and Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Lianys Torres Rivera paid a working visit to the head office of Viglacera Corporation – JSC at No.1 Thang Long Avenue, Hanoi.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba – Antonio Carricarte Corona and Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Lianys Torres Rivera with representatives of Cuban trade corporations visited the Viglacera traditional house.

On arrival at Viglacera Corporation, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba and Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam visited Viglacera’s traditional house. They were impressed with the space, light, artifacts and images that were designed, displayed skillfully to reflect the building materials history as well as the areas of operation and development of Viglacera.

Deputy Minister Antonio Carricarte Corona was particularly interested in Viglacera’s development orientation

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – General Director of Viglacra Corporation JSC has shared many information on issues related to some key projects that Viglacera is deploying in Cuba. General Director expressed his wish that the Ambassador and Deputy Minister of Construction of Cuba continued to support and create conditions for Viglacera and its partners to accelerate the procedures to ensure the progress and quality of the projects.

Overview of a meeting

Currently, Viglacera Corporation has established ViMariel SA company operating in the field of industrial development in the Mariel Special Zone and Sanvig Joint Venture between Viglacera Corporation and Prodimat Company of the Cuban Building Materials Group (Geicon) investing in sanitary wares and ceramic tiles production. Viglacera is promoting its work with its partners, government agencies and the Cuban Government to launch projects in Cuba. In particular, Viglacera is focusing on the preparation of the industrial zone in Mariel in November 2018.

Deputy Minister Antonio Carricarte Corona and Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Lianys Torres Rivera said thank for the warm welcome of Viglacera Corporatio and congratulated the Corporation for its progress in all aspects.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba – Antonio Carricarte Corona shared his comments on Viglacera Corporation – JSC

Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba and Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam affirmed that they would support enterprises like Viglacera Corporation in order to achieve good results in Cuba, contributing to the economic development of both Vietnam and Cuba in the coming time.

The working visit of Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba – Antonio Carricarte Corona, Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam and representatives of Cuban trade corporations at the head office of Viglacera Corporation JSC contributed to tightening the good relationship between Viglacera and Cuban state and businesses. This is the foundation for the successful cooperation of the parties in the near future.