On September 26th, 2019, the People’s Committee of Thua Thien – Hue Province handed over an investment registration certificate to Kanglongda International Holdings Limited to launch the first factory in Vietnam.

The ceremony of granting Hue Kanglongda factory investment registration certificate

Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho – Chairman of Thua Thien – Hue Provincial People’s Committee awarded Investment Registration Certificate to Mr. Zhang Jian Fang – Chairman of directors of Kanglongda International Holdings Limited

Kanglongda Company has planned to enter into Vietnam market with the aim at increasing its global supply ability since 2018. After a detailed research and survey, the company decided to invest 200 million USD to build and operate a 35-hectare factory in Phong Dien Industrial Park (Viglacera). The factory will produce: disposable gloves (including protective gloves for electronics and medical gloves) and polyethylene fibers. It is expected to go into operation in the first quarter of 2021.

A representative of Kanglongda Company said that the first factory in Vietnam is of importance to the parent company’s market development and expansion strategy. Therefore, the Board of Directors had considered carefully before selecting Phong Dien Industrial Park (Viglacera) to settle down. They assessed that the park has great advantage of transportation advantage when it is only about 30km away from Hue city towards the north, near National Highway 1A and North-South railway, about 45km from Phu Bai International Airport and about 80km from Chan May Port, as a result it is extremely convenient to transport goods via sea, rail, road and air. At the same time, the abundant local labor force will meet the recruitment needs of the company. In addition, the appropriate preferential policies, the support from local authorities and the province’s developing infrastructure are also important factors in Kanglongda’s decision.

Talking about the investment environment of the province, the management board of Thua Thien Hue Industrial Parks said: “With the promotion of construction investment and preferential policies to create an area of cleared land to attract businesses, we believe that investors can be completely assured when investing in the province; apart from the preferential policies of the Government, Thua Thien Hue province is committed to provide the best conditions for investors when they come to Hue. Accordingly, the investment projects in the industrial parks will have enjoyed very low rates of land lease and reasonable service prices. Projects in the province will be also applied the low land renting price as prescribed. Besides, the province partly supports the site clearance compensation for key projects and the cost of training human resources for enterprises investing in the area. In addition, the province will enhance investment promotion, provide free information and simplify administrative procedures to give the maximum convenience for companies.

That the first enterprise has invested in Phong Dien Industrial Park (Viglacera) is an evidence for the increasing attractiveness of the province and the industrial park, as well for affirming the great prestige of Viglacera.

Image: Kanglongda International Holdings Limited in China

Developed by Viglacera Corporation – JSC, Phong Dien Industrial Park (Viglacera) covers a 284-ha area and posesses a synchronous and modern technical and service infrastructure system including a 110/22KV power source supplied from the national grid and a water plant with capacity of 11,000 m3/day. With the advantage of preferential corporate income tax (applied tax rate of 17% for 10 years) and the location adjacent to a quarry of large-reserve and high-quality quartz sand, Phong Dien Industrial Park (Viglacera) shows its potential to attract more investors in the future. Currently, the Industrial Park has cleared land and got ready to welcome businesses.

Proud to be the Vietnam leading industrial Park developer, Viglacera owns a list of active industrial parks including Tien Son Industrial Park (Bac Ninh), Yen Phong Industrial Park (Bac Ninh), Yen Phong 2C Industrial Park (Bac Ninh), Phu Ha Industrial Park (Phu Tho), Hai Yen Industrial Park (Quang Ninh), Dong Mai Industrial Park (Quang Ninh), Tien Hai Industrial Park (Thai Binh), Dong Van IV Industrial Park (Ha Nam), Phong Dien Industrial Park (Thua Thien Hue), Vimariel Economic Area (Cuba). These industrial parks have attracted more than 300 investors around the world, including many prestigious brands such as Samsung, Orion, Canon, Toyoda Gosei, Yazaki, Ariston, Texhong, etc. In 2020, Viglacera is expected to open other industrial parks in Yen My (Hung Yen) and Thuan Thanh (Bac Ninh).

For more information, please contact the hotline: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website: https//viglaceraip.com

On September 24 in Hanoi, Brand Finance officially announced the list of Top 50 Most Valuable Brands in Vietnam 2019. Accordingly, Viglacera ranked top in growth rate and appear in the above list.

The event announcing the Ranking List of Top 50 most valuable brands in Vietnam is annual organized by Vietnam Mibrand Consulting Company in combination with Brand Finace – a Brand Valuation Company, with the aim at honoring the enterprises which in the list, as well as creating opportunities for Vietnamese businesses to better acknowledge and understand the importance of brand development for businesses.

Viglacera Corporation – JSC ranked top in growth rate in 2019 and appeared in the top 50 most valuable brands in Vietnam 2019

According to the ranking list that Brand Finance just published, Viglacera ranked top in growth rate and appeared in the top 50 most valuable brands in Vietnam. In the three years, from 2017 to now, there has been a growth of 6 consecutive levels from the corporation. According to experts, this growth reflects the internal strength of Viglacera’s brand value which is shown not only in financial indicators but also their great progress on customer satisfaction in Viglacera’s products services.

In addition to being in the Top list of the most valuable brands in Vietnam, on August 21, 2019, Viglacera was officially announced to achieve the highest title of “World Class” of the large-scale service production group by the 2019 GPEA Awards Council for their outstanding achievements and innovation in 2018-2019. This is a prestigious, reputable and international award given by the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization to excellent enterprises in the region. GPEA’s criteria for evaluating Viglacera’s production capacity and scale met the strict standards of the Directorate for Standards and Quality and the model of Malcolm Baldrige and EFQM Awards (USA).

Taking the lead in the integration trend, when world trade agreements opened up opportunities and challenges for businesses, Viglacera always proactively applied the most advanced science and technology in production to bring valuable and high-quality products that are close to major brands in the region and around the world to the market. Along with that is the market development and customer service improvement. Customer satisfaction is a measure of Viglacera’s sustainable development.

Owning the advantage of location near the two largest ports in the North, Dong Mai Industrial Park has consecutively successfully attracted many reputable investors so far. In the third quarter of 2019, after Hong Hai Science Technology Group (Foxconn), the Park welcomed a Korean electronic business to sign a lease contract.

In 29 August 2019, Viglacera Real Estate Trading Company conducted a signing ceremony with Bumjin Electronics Limited Liability Company. This is a reputable electronic business in Korea with many international headquarters and factories in China, Indonesia and Mexico. At Dong Mai Industrial Park, Bumjin Electronics plans to invest 20 million USD in the scale of 60.000m2 for the establishment and operation of speakers and sound system production factories, serving domestic and export markets.

Image of Bumjun Electronics Company’s headquarter in Korea

Developed by Viglacera Corporation JSC over a scale of 168 hectares along with a synchronized infrastructure system, Dong Mai Industrial Park has 110/22KV electric source provided by national grid, water plant with the capacity of 6500m3/day, rainwater and waste water drainage built separately, waste water treatment plant with the capacity of 4800m3/day. Besides, the park’s investors will be supported with custom services, banking, hospitals, post offices and especially the 9.1-hectare-square Dong Mai urban area where employees can stay in the industrial park.

The clean land is available for the investors’ need in Dong Mai Industrial Park

Up to now, Dong Mai Industrial Park has successfully attracted 11 businesses, including many credible brands such as Yazaki Group – Japan’s largest corporation in automobile electric conductors production for the world’s leading automakers, Vega Balls under Yuan Chi Group (Taiwan) – top 5 world’s leading basketball producers, Hong Hai Science Technology Group (Foxconn) – Taiwan’s corporation being the world’s largest scale in electronic, information technology, computer field and the equipment supplier for TCL Group and many other corporations.

Dong Mai industrial park currently has been well – positioned with clean land with competitive rental price, ready for the investors’ needs of factories establishment.

According to Provincial Competitiveness Index 2018 (PCI) informed by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Quang Ninh Province is ranked the 1st. Besides, Hai Phong- Halong- Van Don express way, which was inaugurated in 2018, shortens the distance between Hanoi and Dong Mai Industrial Park and from the industrial park to Hai Phong Port, completes the economic triangle connection Hanoi- Haiphong – Quang Ninh, increases the cargo flow from Quang Ninh to Northern provinces and vice versa. Along with these abovementioned advantages and the Province’s People’s Committee’s support, it is promising that Dong Mai Industrial Park in particular and Quang Ninh province in general will continuing attract more foreign investment in the future.

For further information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Trading Company – Phone number: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website: https://viglaceraip.com

In the 2019’s Strategy of production development and expansion, Hong Hai Science and Technology Group (Foxconn) – the world’s largest Taiwan enterprise in the fields of electronics, IT and computers made a decision to invest in Quang Ninh province, particularly in the projects of Dong Mai Industrial Park (Viglacera).

Foxconn is the largest order – based manufacturer in the world and currently has more than 100 companies and branches in many countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, England, France, Vietnam, etc. Established in 1974, the group has been well known worldwide for its role as a long – term partner of Apple, specializing in iPhone and iPad products, and assembling Kindle, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, computers … and many different kinds of TVs.

Since the beginning of 2019, Foxconn planned to open an assembly plant in Quang Ninh and paid courtersy visits to Provincial People’s Committee to look for investment opportunities. After a comprehensive survey, in August 2019, the group decided to sign a land lease contract in Dong Mai Industrial Park.

Mr. Oh Jen Hui – Director of Foxconn Singapore PTE Ltd signed a land lease contract at
Dong Mai Industrial Park with Viglacera Real Estate Company

With a scale of 10 hectares, the factory would be manufacturing TV’s screen and components with the estimated investment of 26 million USD at the first phase and employing 3,000 workers, said Mr. Harry Zhuo – General Director of Hong Hai Technology Group. The efficiency of this project will be considered to continue the investment and expansion in the future.

According to the 2018 Provincial Competitiveness Report (PCI) published by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Quang Ninh province is holding the top position. In addition, the highway Hai Phong – Ha Long – Van Don opened in 2018 helping to shorten the distance from Hanoi to Dong Mai Industrial Park and to Hai Phong Port, it completed the economic triangle connection among Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh and increased the volume of goods transported from Quang Ninh to the northern provinces and vice versa. With the above advantages and the enthusiastic support of the Provincial People’s Committee, after Foxconn Group, Dong Mai Industrial Park in particular and Quang Ninh province in general would be definitely luring more potential foreign investors in the future.

Developed by Viglacera Corporation – JSC, Dong Mai Industrial Park covers 168-hectare area, with a synchronous infrastructure system. The industrial park possesses a 110/22KV electricity system supplied from the national grid, a water supply station with capacity of 6,500 m3/day, a separate rainwater and wastewater drainage system, and a public sewage treatment plant with capacity of 4,800 m3/day. In addition, investors in the Industrial Park are supported with customs services, banking, hospitals, post offices, and especially Dong Mai building complex with an area of 9.1 hectares for workers who want to accommodate right in the industrial Park.

The industrial Park also has cleared land and offered competitive rent rate, it is ready to meet the needs of businesses to build factories immediately.

For more information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Company – Phone: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website: http://viglaceraip.com

On August 21th, 2019, Viglacera was officially announced to achieve the highest title “World Class” of the “Large-scale service production” group by the 2019 GPEA Awards Council for outstanding achievements and innovations in the period of 2018 – 2019.

The prestigious, reputable and international GPEA Award is given to outstanding businesses in the region by the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization. Enterprises receiving GPEA awards must meet three requirements: Won the Gold Prize in the National Quality Award within the last 2 years; Recommended to attend GPEA by the National Quality Award Body (Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality of Vietnam); and met all 7 rigorous criteria based on the model of the Malcolm Baldrige Award and EFQM (the USA). The “World Class” award is given to businesses with the score of more than 700.

Chairman of the 2019 International Asia-Pacific Quality Awards Council (GPEA) announced enterprises winning 2019 GPEA. Viglacera is one of four Vietnamese enterprises winning the award.

After 23 years, Vietnam has 240 organizations and businesses winning the National Quality Gold Prize. Especially, among Vietnamese enterprises that have won the National Quality Award, only 50 typical enterprises have received the Asia-Pacific Quality Award (GPEA) given by the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization (APQO).

As the only Vietnamese enterprise to win the World Class category for large-scale production, Viglacera confidently affirms the quality of sanitary porcelain products, tiles and construction glass that are applied “green” technology, the world’s most advanced technology and expected to soon honorly become the high-quality Vietnamese products for consumers in domestic markets as well as fastidious foreign markets such as Japan, USA and EU.

By receiving the GPEA award, Viglacera continues to affirm its prestige, position and firm steps in the construction material and real estate market in Vietnam. The award will be a motivation for Viglacera to further enhance its product and service quality, improve business efficiency, and maintain the leading position of the construction materials industry in Vietnam. GPEA (established in 2000 as IAPQA) is the only official and international recognition of enterprises’ performance or business excellence. This program is administered by APQO – a non-profit organization which brings together all the leading quality professional societies in the Asia Pacific region. In 2010, the name of this prestigious award was changed from IAPQA to GPEA to reflect the evolution in the field of quality from a focus on product and service quality to a strategic focus including organizational performance / overall business activities.
APQO uses the Baldrige and EFQM (the USA) evaluation criteria including: the role of leadership; strategic planning; customer and market orientation; knowledge measure, analysis and management; human resource development; operational process management.

The 2019 GPEA Award Ceremony will be held by APQO in collaboration with the Indonesian Quality Organization from October, 14th to October,16th 2019 in Bali, Indonesia on the occasion of the 25th International Quality Conference.

Qisda Corporation – Taiwan’s leading electronic corporation associated with supporting businesses signed a land lease contract at Dong Van 4 Industrial Park in August, 2019. The cooperation proved a great attraction of Vietnam in general and Viglacera’s industrial park in particular to Taiwanese investors.

In the trend of transfering investment to Vietnam, Viglacera’s industrial parks have been consecutively concerned by a number of Taiwan corporations for land lease, including Qisda Corporation Group. Qisda is ranked in the top 10 global display screen and projector processing corporations, under BenQ – a globally strong multi-sectored group. Qisda’s products vary from LCD screens, projectors, scanner to industrial automation products (POS, bar-code reader, label printer),…

Qisda Corporation Group leaders visit Viglacera Corporation JSC’s showroom.

After having conducted careful survey and research on different industrial parks, Qisda Corporation and supporting businesses have trustingly made investment decision in Dong Van 4 Industrial Park (Ha Nam Province). This once again shows the industrial park’s attraction and the strong capacity of Viglacera as an infrastructure development investor.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Viglacera Corporation JSC General Director and Mr. Peter Chen- Qisda Corporation President in signing ceremony on land lease in Dong Van 4 Industrial Park.

With a scale of up to 60 hectares and an investment of nearly 400 million USD, Qisda along with supporting businesses will be building and operating factory to set up a closed supply chain for the production of display screens, projectors and 4G telecommunication products for domestic market and export.

Dong Van 4 Industrial Park (Ha Nam) has developed a synchronized and modern technical infrastructure – services system.

Developed by Viglacera Corporation JSC, Dong Van 4 Industrial Park (600ha) started the construction in November, 2016. After only 3-year operation, the industrial park has been a destination for many major domestic and foreign brands such as Anam Electronics, Masan Group, Kortek Corporation,…Currently, the park has cleaned land to meet full demand and desire of investors.

Dong Van 4 Industrial Park is located on 38 highway, about 50km (40 minutes) away from Hanoi, 114km (90 minutes) from Hai Phong Port on the way through Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway. The industrial park is well-prepared with synchronized and modern technical infrastructure – services with 110/22KV electric system, 2×63 MVA capacity, water plant of 12000m3/day, waste water treatment plant of 8600m3/day. In addition, enterprises in the industrial park are entitled to 10 preferential commitments to foreign investors of Ha Nam province, which helps the operation more favorable. Besides, to attract workforce, Viglacera will arrange accommodation for workers and experts right next to the industrial park, it shows the sustainable development goals of the corporation through useful contributions to the society.

With the advantages above, Dong Van 4 industrial park has received a great attention of investors and become an ideal business production choice of enterprises.

For further information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Company – Phone number: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website: https://viglaceraip.com

Yen Phong Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province is located at a convenient intersection point and possessing an abundant local labor resource, it is suitable for the production and services development of domestic and foreign businesses.

Geographical advantage

Air Logistic Joint Stock Company (ALS) – the pioneering company in providing logistics services has identified Yen Phong Industrial Park as transshipment hub among the most active logistics areas in the north: Hai Phong Port, Quang Ninh Port; Lang Son and Lao Cai border gates; Noi Bai international airport; industrial park clusters in Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Hanoi…

Moreover, arterial routes such as 18A, 1A, 5A, 5B Highway; Bac Giang and Thai Nguyen expressway are mostly across or easily accessible to the industrial park. In fact, it takes only 20 minutes and 40 minutes to transport goods from Yen Phong to Noi Bai and Hanoi inner area respectively.

Market advantage

Samsung electronics, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer has chosen Yen Phong Industrial Park as its operating destination in Vietnam. Next, other company in Samsung’s global system has also followed the investment including Samsung Displays, Samsung SDI. As an inevitable condition, the supporting businesses have already set up factories inside Yen Phong Industrial Park or nearby locations.

Beside electronics industry, a number of other industries have gathered at Yen Phong Industrial Park, namely some reputable brands such as: Orion Vina (foodstuff); Lock & Lock (customer goods); Pharmacy (health).

Yen Phong Industrial Park successfully attracted many reputable domestic and foreign brands.

Human resource advantage

Along with the economic development preference policy, Bac Ninh has committed to provide the most favorable conditions in investment activities for businesses. Besides encouraging the local young labor force to participate in professional training courses, Bac Ninh also welcomes skilled employees from other provinces. It is the young and high qualified labor force that becomes the foundation for Yen Phong industrial park’s investors’ trust and decision.

Service – technical infrastructure advantage

Developed by Viglacera JSC – a reputable 20 years’ experience investor in industrial park sector, Yen Phong Industrial Park is comprised of 2 phases: phase 1 (344 ha) was 100% completed; and expansion phase (314ha). Currently, the industrial park has a completely synchronized modern infrastructure: 110/22KV electric source provided by national grid with the capacity of 9x63MVA (along with backup power station preventing power cut in the industrial park affecting production), nitrogen gas supply station, water supply station with a capacity of 36.000m3/day (phase 1), 22.000m3/day (phase 2), waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 28.000m3/day (phase 1), 12.000m3/day (phase 2). Moreover, the investors of the industrial park will be supported with banking services, hospital, post office and especially Quang Ninh Province’ custom headquarter is based within the industrial park which is convenient for the goods import process of the businesses. Viglacera concerns not only rapid development but also sustainable development and social security when deciding on investment and construction of Yen Phong urban area, including semi-detached houses, apartments, and houses for workers to live near the industrial park.

With the aforementioned advantages, Yen Phong Industrial Park has increasingly proved its attraction to investors. Until now, the industrial park has available clean land for lease to welcome investors to survey and build factories.

For further information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Trading Company – Phone number: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website: https://viglaceraip.com

Over 45 years, Viglacera Corporation – JSC has unstoppably developed, creating “miracles” bearing Viglacera’s mark as an affirmation for a strong Vietnamese brand that is constantly expanding far in the international arena.

Leaders of Viglacera Corporation received the First-Class Labor Medal of the State

Viglacera were initially the Pottery, Brick and Tile Company, it then was established by merging 18 factories producing baked clay bricks with outdated technology and patchwork equipments… After experiencing many ups and downs and many times changing the organizational model, Viglacera today has become the leading manufacturer of construction materials and real estate in Vietnam, operating in all parts of the country and expanding to international markets. Viglacera branded products are always estimated at a high level by the market because of pioneering as well as superior product quality.

Mr. Pham Hong Ha, the Minister of Construction on behalf of Vietnam Party and State leaders awarded the First-class labor Medal for Viglacera Corporation – JSC

July 25, 2019 was an important milestone when Viglacera Corporation completed its 45 years of sustainable development and growth. The past journey has marked the arduous times of the previous generations of leaders and officials who established the foundation for Viglacera’s development today. The 45-year mark is a major change of Viglacera when it comes to a new milestone, transforming the state-owned enterprise model into private. From here, Viglacera will develop to a new level, operating new model management and developing a competitive market with foreign enterprises.

The 45-year event of Viglacera honorly received the attention from the Minister of Construction, Mr. Pham Hong Ha, the leaders of the central departments, sectors, Hanoi authorities and other provinces and localities; from Mr. Choi Joo Ho – General Director of Samsung Vietnam and hundreds of domestic and foreign partners. Especially, there was the presence of the previous generations of leaders, cadres and officials attending the 45th Anniversary of the Corporation Establishment.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – General Director of Viglacera Corporation had his opening speech in the anniversary

In the warm atmosphere of the ceremony, General Director of Viglacera Corporation – Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan said: “45 years of development is a very proud journey. Viglacera has made contributions to the construction of material industry and the country. Viglacera is also the first manufacturer to create a premise for the birth of construction glass, sanitary porcelain, ceramic tiles, bricks, cotto, energy-saving glass, ultra-white glass … In the real estate field, Viglacera is the leading prestigious investor in industrial park infrastructure and social housing, contributing to the socio-economic development in localities where projects were implemented. In the 45 development journey, after each restructuring, Viglacera is more and more developed, efficient and stronger. Thanks to the leadership and direction of the Ministry of Construction, the support of localities and a great deal effort of every leaders, staffs and employees throughout these years, the corporation can have these achievements.”

In addition to opportunities, globalization and international integration create increasingly fierce competition in Vietnam market. Therefore, in 2019, Viglacera moves into a new stage of development – restructuring according to the model of multinational companies, striving to reach out to the world. Viglacera will continue to develop and upgrade to a new level in the field of ultra-white glass, energy-saving glass, solar glass, sanitary porcelain, large size tiles, tiles and gas concrete panels; and continue to expand the fields of industrial parks, social houses and investment in Cuba. With a long tradition of 45 years of development, with Viglacera culture, the Corporation will step firmly into a new phase, contributing more to the country’s development.

Mr. Pham Hong Ha – Minister of Construction gave the First-class Labor Medal to Viglacera Corporation for its contribution to the national construction and development.

Expressing his congratulation at the ceremony, Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha affirmed that over the long 45-year journey of constant efforts, of overcoming many difficulties and challenges, Viglacera Corporation had a comprehensive, continuous and breakthrough development. From a small-scale brick and porcelain manufacturer with an outdated production technology, Viglacera has become one of Vietnam’s largest real estate and construction material enterprises, continuously developing and creating “miracles” in construction materials – its strength and real estate. Viglacera has made a firm step in restructuring and increasing the core business value and a bold impression as a strong Vietnamese brand that is constantly reaching out to the international arena…

45 years is a milestone that has formed and nurtured the proud tradition of Viglacera Corporation. Achievements of the Corporation have contributed significantly to the development of the construction industry, the Ministry of Construction and localities throughout the country…

Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha made his speech at the ceremony

Minister Pham Hong Ha is pleased that the Corporation has actively followed the guidelines, conditions, and solutions to continue Viglacera’s effective and sustainable development, aiming to become a leading corporation in the Southeast Asia on the production of construction materials. The Ministry of Construction always pays attention, supports and facilitates them in this process.

The Minister believes that, with its solid foundation, achievements and glorious tradition, Viglacera will have new, comprehensive and breakthrough developments in the coming time, always lighting the Viglacera spirit of kindness forever.

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has just released a report on provincial competitiveness of 2018, in which Quang Ninh continues to hold the top position. Dak Nong ranked last for 2 consecutive years.

The PCI 2018 report is based on feedback from 12,000 businesses including nearly 11,000 private enterprises operating in 63 provinces and cities and over 1,500 businesses with FDI operating in 20 regions Vietnam. Leading the PCI ranking 2018 is Quang Ninh with 70.36/100 points (down slightly compared with 70.69 in 2017). Next is Dong Thap with 70.19 points, up 1 rank compared to the previous year. Long An and Ben Tre ranked 3rd and 4th with 68.09 and 66.67 points, both increased by 1 rank.

A stunning view of Halong Bay in the northern province of Quang Ninh. The province has made various improvements, especially in administrative procedures, paperwork and land procedures – PHOTO: QUANG NINH NEWSPAPER

Meanwhile, Da Nang dropped from the 2nd position in 2017 with 70,11 points to the 5th position with 67.65 points.

Binh Duong, Quang Nam, Vinh Long, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are also ranked among the top 10 provinces and cities. Localities in the high ranking group are Can Tho, Lao Cai, Vinh Phuc, Tay Ninh, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Khanh Hoa …

The PCI 2018 survey shows that some fields of the business environment have changed more positively than that of 2017. Informal costs continue to be reduced, the business environment for private enterprises tends to more fair and administrative reforms are clearly changing.

However, the finding also shows that businesses expect the authorities to boost the transparency of the business environment, increase the quality of labor training, improve business support services and create more favorable conditions in the implementation of procedures to register business license, especially procedures for land, tax and social insurance …

In addition, it also points out that businesses are optimistic about relatively high level of business prospects in the coming time. 49% of private enterprises and 56% of FDI enterprises said that they would expand business in the next 2 years.

Despite that fact, the research shows there are signs of the increase in number of businesses struggling to operate. These businesses are recorded in small and super small private groups. Therefore, the role of the authorities is becoming more important than ever.

Source: CafeF

Thanks to favourable location and commitment to support from Ha Nam provincial authority, Dong Van IV industrial zone has successfully attracted a lot of investors in recent time. Especially, in the first quarter of 2019, the industrial zone added 3 new enterprises with a total land area for rent up to 20ha.

Developed by Viglacera Corporation – JSC, Dong Van IV industrial zone (600ha) started the construction from November, 2016. After 3 years of operation, the industrial zone has been the destination of many big domestic and foreign brands such as Anam Electronics, Vikohasan, Masan.

Dong Van IV industrial zone is located on highway 38, 50 km from Hanoi (40 minutes), 114 km from Hai Phong port (90 minutes) when travelling through Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway. Viglacera has been investing to build a synchronous and adequate system of technical infrastructure and services, such as: 110/22kV power system, 2×40 MVA capacity, water plant with a capacity of 12,000m3 per day and night, waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 8.600m3 per day. Besides, enterprises in industrial parks have been favored with 10 commitments for foreign investors from Ha Nam province’s authority, making the operation more convenient. Owning these competitive advantages, Dong Van IV Industrial zone has received great attention from investors, and been the ideal choice for manufacturing.

Image of IV Dong Van Industrial zone, Ha Nam province

In the first quarter of 2019, Kortek Corporation (Korea) – the world’s leading manufacturer of screen products signed a land lease contract in Dong Van IV Industrial Park. After that, Komelon Corporation (Korea) became the next investor in the Industrial Park with the purpose of building a factory manufacturing electric equipment. At the same time, Risun Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializing in providing Bluetooth headset equipment, telecommunications equipment and so on which is already operating a factory in Vietnam, decided to expand by renting more land in Dong Van IV Industrial Park.

Currently, Dong Van IV Industrial Zone has been filled with enterprises which are of complete construction and go into operation. Viglacera investor is actively promoting clean land activity to fulfill the needs and desires of investors.

For further information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Company – Phone: (+84) 888 25 22 88 | Website: https://viglaceraip.com

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is expected to be approved in the coming time, possibly before the European Parliamentary election in late May this year.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dung spoke at the Liebesmahl event. Photo: Pham Thang – Correspondent of VNA in Germany

In the framework of the working visit to Federal Republic of Germany at the invitation of German Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmaier, on the evening of March 15 (local time) Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung attended and had a speech at the Liebesmahl event organized by the German Business Association (OAV) in Asia –Pacific in Hamburg City Hall.

Liebesmahl is an annual event that attracts about 300 distinguished guests, mainly representatives of German enterprises doing business in the Asia-Pacific region, politicians and ambassadors in regions.

In addition to the presence of German Minister of Economy and Energy, Peter Altmaier and Vietnam Minister of Investment and Planning, Nguyen Chi Dung, this 99th Liebesmahl event also had the participation of Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher, President of OAV Hans- Georg Frey, Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Nguyen Minh Vu …

Speaking at the Liebesmahl event, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung affirmed that the strategic partnership between Vietnam and Germany was entering a new stage of development and appreciated the support of Germany for Vietnam during the last time as well as the role of German enterprises in Vietnam’s economic development and construction process.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dung also expressed his wish that German enterprises would continue to invest more in Vietnam, especially in areas where Germany is widely well – known and in which Vietnam has needs such as machinery production, finance, insurance, renewable energy and human resource training …

To further facilitate the economic cooperation relations between Vietnam and Germany in particular and Vietnam and the European Union (EU) in general, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung called on politicians and German businessmen to promote the signing and approval of EVFTA as soon as possible.

For his part, German Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmaier said that the content of the agreement was now being urgently translated into the language of EU members and the agreement was expected to be approved in coming time, possibly before the time of the European Parliament election in late May this year.

Also under the agenda of the working visit to Germany, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung had a meeting with representatives of German and Vietnamese enterprises and discussed with representatives of some German businesses in the fields of insurance, aviation, clean water, or potentials to invest and do business in Vietnam.

Source: baodautu.vn

On February 20th, 2019, Viglacera Real Estate Trading Company successfully organized the Labor Conference 2019. The conference was attended by Mr. Luyen Cong Minh – Chairman of the Administrative Council, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – General Director, Mr. Nguyen Quy Tuan – Chairman of Trade Union, members of the Administrative Council, Deputy General Director of the Corporation, leaders of related units and all officials and employees in the company.

Working in the principle of democratic centralism and making decisions by majority, the Conference was given chance to participants to listen to such reports as: Business and Production Performance in 2018 and orientations for 2019; the implementation of collective labor agreement; feedbacks on the draft of the 2019’s collective labor agreement; performance of the People’s Inspection Board in 2018… in the first session.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong – Chairman of Trade Union of the Company reported on the implementation of the 2018 Collective Labor Agreement and related issues.

Mr. Nguyen Quy Tuan – Member of the Board, Chairman of Trade Union expressed his appreciation for the work of taking care of workers’ lives of Viglacera Real Estate Company

At the same time, in Conference, a new Collective Labor Agreement which will take effect from 2019 to 2022 has been adopted. Accordingly, the Company considered and increased the benefits and allowances in order to ensure the best interests for employees, helping them feel secure to work and dedicate to the company.

The conference agreed to adopt a new Collective Labor Agreement (effective from 2019 – 2022)

In 2018, Viglacera Real Estate Trading Company basically completed the production and business plan, reaching 6/8 targets. In particular, the profit before tax reached 137% of the year plan, equivalent to 139% compared to the same period of 2017.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Anh – Director of the Company reported the results of implementing business tasks in 2018, directions and tasks in 2019

In the second session, representatives of departments made presentations and proposed solutions for industrial park sales, solutions to improve housing business efficiency to complete business and production plans in 2019 and had chance to listen and share employees’ wish. In 2019, all employees of Viglacera Real Estate Business Company will strive to achieve the target of 2 times higher than the plan assigned by the Corporation.

The leaders of the Corporation listened to the discussion about sales solutions of the business divisions

Attending the conference, General Director Nguyen Anh Tuan requested the Real Estate Trading Company to work closely with the relevant units in the Real Estate Board to build a management and operation system effectively. In addition, the business department also needs to regularly survey, researches the market and shares lessons to other units to implement and enhance the Viglacera brand level, comparable to other multinational corporations in the region and in the world. The General Director reminded the departments to stay focused and keep working, although the business plan was completed in 2018. It is necessary to maintain the working spirit and even promote more in 2019, striving to achieve revenue of more than VND 2,000 billion, making significant achievements to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Viglacera Corporation – JSC.

The conference was successfully held with 100% delegates unanimously approving the Conference Resolution.